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    • Aerospace & Defense

      We help aerospace and defense companies worldwide shorten time to market, gain insight from data and take advantage of the digital technologies to accelerate innovation across manufacturing operations and value networks.

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      Harnessing the Cloud in A&D
      Harnessing the Cloud in A&D

      Learn how to meet the growing demand on IT departments to rapidly roll out applications and supporting infrastructure.

      About Us

      • Leading A&D Solutions Provider
      • Experienced at PLM, MES & ERP
      • Digital Transformation Solutions

      Now anyone with enough money and enterprise can get there. This race isn't between counties - it's between companies.

      For more than 13 years, Saab has relied on DXC for mainframe, midrange and network support, as well as application and desktop management.

      Historically, management/maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is no longer a low priority area for IT investments in the aviation sector.

      Connect with our experts to see how we can help you transform your business with next-gen technology and business solutions.

  • Services & Solutions
    • Services & Solutions

      Improve productivity, drive new revenues and increase speed to market. We enable rapid time to value of innovative and transformative ideas, through complex technology integration and global delivery.

      Featured Services

      • PLM, MES & ERP Solutions
      • Customer Relationship Management
      • Supply Chain Management
      • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
      • Converged Plant Infrastructure
      • High Performance Computing
      • Industrial Internet of Things
      • Engineering Virtual Desktop

      Envision new products, services, and ways of working, as our advisory and Consulting services put you on the path to a digital manufacturing enterprise, and help you along your journey of value design and realization.

      Create personalized customer experiences and build brand loyalty with secure, contextually aware analytics driven by connected products and IoT.

      Transform manufacturing operations with fully integrated solutions for product lifecycle, manufacturing execution, enterprise resources, supply chains and more.

      Learn more about our end-to-end solutions for transforming IT and operations and adopting new business models.

      Contact us for more information on business technology for aerospace and defense.
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  • Insights
    • Insights

      The aerospace and defense industry is under pressure to deliver products faster, improve production and quality, and transform digitally. These insights and points of view focus on staying competitive in this market.

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      Connected Manufacturing
      Connected Manufacturing

      Learn how to integrate end-to-end operations across the enterprise ecosystem to anticipate what customers want.

      Four steps for developing an effective compliance strategy.

      Read how Digital Twins are helping to build simulations, generate experiments and use analytics to drive innovation.

      Create a collaboration-driven PLM ecosystem to accelerate innovation from idea to product supported by analytics from connected products.

      Get more insights and perspectives about the latest digital technologies and business trends in manufacturing and aerospace and Defense.

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