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    • Overview

      DXC Technology is the world’s leading airline IT services provider. We help airlines bring new revenue streams to market, drive efficiency and reduce costs.

      We provide mission-critical applications to enable sales of products and services, manage the customer travel lifecycle, handle passengers in the airport, personalize the retailing and customer experience, and recognize revenue based on customer service delivered.

      With a history of more than 40 years serving this industry, DXC Technology has conducted more than 50 airline integrations. Our converged airline cloud platform handles more than 7 billion airline transactions per year.

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      Instant Business Results: The Power of Now
      Instant Business Results: The Power of Now
      Optimize product retailing, customer lifecycle management, airport passenger handling and personalize interactions.

      Learn how DXC helped Asia’s biggest airline launch a state-of-the-art loyalty software solution for its frequent flyer program that provides a more personalized and value-driven customer experience to its customers.

      To stay competitive, organizations must satisfy travelers, driving a series of solutions that boost airline and airport efficiency while improving the passenger experience.

      Join DXC Technology at upcoming Airlines events around the world.

      Learn more about the breadth of DXC Technology's Travel and Transportation Services

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    • Services & Solutions

      Airlines are in the midst of a major business transformation, one driven by a surge in customer demands. Today’s travelers want product and price transparency and access to the airline through social media and mobile technology.

      These market conditions are driving the airline business to retail ancillary airline products, over and above flight inventory. The revenue opportunities are endless, but tapping into them involves significant challenges.

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      Airlines can leverage DXC APS to sell seats and ancillary products, manage the travel lifecycle, personalize the retail and customer experience, handle airport processes and deliver revenue-based customer service.

      This suite of applications efficiently integrates flight operations-related systems.

      Strengthen ties with loyal customers through flexible, state-of-the-art loyalty solutions while making relationships even more profitable.

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