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      DXC Technology offers a complete portfolio of analytics services, to rapidly provide insights and accelerate your digital transformation journey. Our robust partner ecosystem allows you to leverage investment while building the analytic solutions of tomorrow.

      Run Your Business Better Using Analytics Everywhere
      Companies that thrive on change use data and analytics as a competitive asset everywhere in their business. They adapt quickly and predict trends by continually discovering value from data and turning it into insight to drive value. These companies with high “Analytics IQ” will be the disruptors, not the disrupted, in the digital revolution.

      In healthcare, Industrial Machine Learning makes possible the kind of personalized care that organizations are hoping to achieve, adding context to large varieties of data and distilling them into something actionable.

      Learn how Formula E Racing is pioneering technology at the forefront of electric vehicle technology development within Formula E and engaging the fanbase to boost sales of merchandise.

      DXC is helping accelerate the arrival of the car of the future through our unique combination of technologies, expertise, and partnerships.

      Take a quick survey to understand how your organization is operationalizing analytics to run the business.”

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    • Services & Solutions

      DXC provides a foundation of information management and analytic capabilities to harness all value from data that matters, to deliver insights at the speed of business and improve business outcomes.

      We leverage our expertise in the new generation of analytics and big data to push your IT and business organizations to remain relevant.

      Explore business use cases and discover insights for real world implementation through advanced analytics that leverage a technology-agnostic, flexible approach and a flexible delivery model.

      Identify, prioritize and transform data workloads and address your Enterprise Data Warehouse challenges with the right technology.

      Provide maintenance, support, and development capacity coupled with services that transform a client’s BI environments.

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