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Webinar on Demand – Digital Transformation for 21st Century Healthcare

What is "digital first" healthcare and how does it change the patient experience?

View this webinar with Prof Ben Bridgewater, DXC's Director of Global Advisory for the healthcare and life sciences business, to find out how 21st Century medicine is already changing the way healthcare is accessed, organised and delivered.

Key topics:

  • Patient activation and engagement
  • Role of the next-generation patient administration system in improving the patient experience
  • Extending care across the care continuum
  • Clinical decision support for patients and clinicians
  • Mobility for improved efficiency and safety
  • 21st Century EMR - shifting the paradigm.

About Professor Bridgewater

Manchester based Ben Bridgewater is a cardiac surgeon and a professor of medicine. He has been described by Health Service Journal judges as "one of the leaders in measuring quality in the NHS". Ben was a pioneer in opening up data about outcomes in cardiac surgery down to the level of individual surgeons. Today, at DXC Technology he plays a leading role developing innovative solutions and guiding healthcare providers in digital transformation.

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