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Join us for one of the most exciting technology experiences of 2017!

Richard Browning, inventor and founder of Gravity, has successfully reimagined personal flight, earning the title of ‘the real-life Iron Man’.

Richard went from audacious idea to a patent-pending technology within 12 months, powering the world’s first human propulsion flight. Richard’s suit technology combines body-mounted miniaturised jet-engines, a specially designed exo-skeleton, and augmented reality helmet – all allowing vertical take-off and flight.

During this special event, you will hear about Richard’s journey and methodology for innovation, and why he needed to ‘fail-smart’ to succeed in building this technology.

Then in an Australian first, you will witness Richard ‘fly’ this jet-powered suit in front of your very eyes!

This free and exclusive DXC event is not to be missed, so register now to secure your place.

Date: Wednesday 1 November 2017

Time: 1:00-1:30pm (Qld)

Location: Pavilion Lawn, The Star Gold Coast (view on map)

Access through lobby via Atrium Bar.