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Consulting Timeline

DXC Consulting has a strong reputation for delivering successful outcomes to Australian customers. View the milestones that have shaped us along the way.

April 2017 - DXC Technology

Created by the merger of CSC and the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC Technology boasts a long and proud history of innovation, service and value.

March 2016 - CSC

In March 2016, CSC joined forces with UXC. From September 2016 we brought our Consulting capability together to represent a single brand to the Australasian market. UXC Consulting became CSC Consulting ANZ, the Consulting division of CSC Australia.

July 2011 - UXC Consulting

UXC merged its consultancy businesses GQ-AAS, Lucid IT, Planpower and Opticon together under one brand.

February 2008 - Lucid IT

UXC acquired Lucid IT a specialist ITSM consulting company.

July 2004 - GQ-AAS

Gibson Quai acquired AAS Consulting Pty Ltd, expanding service delivery capabilities and strengthening market leadership in the Australian telecommunications consulting market.

August 2003 - Planpower

UXC acquired Planpower, a professional services organisation which specialises in project management, business solutions consulting, organisational change and learning and development. UXC acquires i-Training Solutions Pty Ltd (ITS), a registered training organisation.

2001 - Opticon

UXC acquired Opticon.


UXC acquired Gibson-Quai.