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      Enterprises must completely “rethink” the way technologies integrate with legacy systems. Your digital core must be surrounded by a range of products and services that reinforce the capabilities of each functional area.

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      Enterprise and Cloud Apps can help you with your digital transformation: Learn how in our new eBook.

      Drive business value by shifting market value from tangible to intangible assets, including the most critical – talent! The workplace of tomorrow will hinge on smart employees taking advantage of smart technologies.

      Earn customers for life by engaging and resolving customer issues regardless of channel, reduce time to resolution, use customer insight to determine next-best action drive customer satisfaction, and optimizing customer service team performance.

      Rethink the finance operating mission and model to achieve greater efficiency through relentless automation, predict the future with better information, and influence the enterprise’s strategic business outcomes.

      Gain a competitive advantage through Supply Chain Management that has a stronger focus on operational excellence, uses predictive analytics, and provides better visibility into regulatory compliance and global logistics.

      Leverage Enterprise Asset Management and the Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize asset performance, operational efficiency, and maintenance worker productivity.

      Build your digital platform by creating new models that improve, visualize and automate processes across the enterprise. Rapidly deliver front-of-the-house digital transformation that includes employee implementing self-service portals that reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Enabling Technology Partners
    • Enabling Technology Partners

      DXC Technology provides industry, business process, systems integration, technical delivery experience and innovation to deliver value and innovation with your enterprise application portfolio. Our global teams can help you deploy end-to-end solutions based on third party SaaS solutions and enterprise application software, whether hosted in the cloud or in a traditional data center environment.

      DXC Enterprise and Cloud Apps The Edge
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      Enable your digital business with SAP and SAP S/4HANA; make it cost-effective and efficient with our managed services delivered through our global Industrialized Delivery System.

      DXC's Eclipse practice offers a full range of Microsoft Dynamics consulting services and business process as a service solutions in the cloud or on-premises, including implementation, integration, customization and upgrades.

      Oracle Applications services include a full range of Oracle services to replace legacy applications; upgrade, install and support Oracle software; and consolidate Oracle systems onto a modern infrastructure.

      Partner with the leader in the ServiceNow ecosystem to revolutionize service capabilities across your business accelerate your digital transformation agenda.

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    • Insights

      DXC Technology experts analyze trends, explore new ideas and promote best practices. Learn more about our thoughts and research on issues affecting Enterprise and Cloud Apps.

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      DXC Enterprise and Cloud Apps Digital Core

      In this paper Dr. Chris Nøkkentved discusses the "digital core," the critical IT infrastructure that supports the people, processes and tools that make digital transformation achievable. Read it today.

      Enterprises are data driven and traditional siloed or business-unit-focused structures are no longer fit for purpose. Worse, they can be inefficient and costly. How does the modern enterprise shift from silos to more open structures?

      Digital transformation may be the most overused term in business today, but there is good reason. Find out why.