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Life, Annuities & Pensions

Get mission-critical insurance software, back-office services and global IT infrastructure

Property & Casualty – General Insurance

Move quickly into new markets, extend services to agents and policyholders and control costs


Compete more effectively, improve risk analysis and decision-making and control costs

Digital care transformation


New models of care need new models of IT

Government Healthcare

Maximize the value of public healthcare

Life Sciences

Enhance agility and improve performance

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Digital transformation for airline efficiency

Freight & Logistics

Supply chain power: Information is the key


Global capabilities, solutions and proven industry expertise

Transform your operations

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Aerospace & Defense

Digital ecosystems connect products and services


Connected cars transform the driving experience


Industry 4.0 brings fresh innovation

The digital government

UK Public Sector

Work with a trusted partner

Global Public Sector

Get the right technology and a client-focused partner

  • Consumer packaged goods

    Increasing effectiveness throughout the value chain

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  • Retail

    Create a new retail value paradigm

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Address technological and economic changes

Oil & Gas

Operate within the modern as-a-service economy

Natural Resources

Improve safety and productivity

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Navigating the future: Providing innovation at speed and scale for technology led organizations

Media & Entertainment

Content anywhere … from creation to consumption


Dealing with digital disruptions