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The Distinguished honor recognizes a select group of technologists who consistently lead, perform, learn, aspire and contribute at levels substantially greater than baselines within targeted disciplines. There are three Distinguished designations: Architect, Engineer and Technologist.

René Aerdts
René Aerdts twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

René Aerdts is DXC Technology's chief technologist for a global consumer goods corporation client, where he leads the technology strategy and provides the technical vision to advance the objectives of the business. Integral to that process, René drives innovation and inspires selective disruption to enable the client to thrive through accelerating change in the industry.

“In the past, IT was very predictable. In the current digital world, it's unbound. Instead of thousands of things and possibilities, we are now talking about millions and billions that need to be connected and analyzed in real time. It’s my job to guide our client to see the opportunities — to leapfrog and imagine the potential outcomes."

Daniel Biondi
Daniel Biondi twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

As DXC Technology's chief technology officer for Australia and New Zealand, Daniel Biondi is responsible for helping our clients shape their IT strategy for business innovation and growth, and for delivering technology-enabled business solutions that reduce cost and complexity. Daniel has over 24 years of experience in leading and managing the application of advanced IT solutions for organizations in the financial services, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing and government sectors. He is the author or co-author of many articles including “Experiences, Platforms and Partners: How to Transform at Scale.”

“Digital transformation is about changing business models and delivering products and services that adapt to the growing demands of consumers, addressing a market segment of one. We need to simplify our platforms and processes and make it easy for consumers to engage. Digital transformation is a platform for innovation, and this will be key to the success of every business going forward.”

Dan Gonos
Dan Gonos twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Technologist

Dan Gonos is chief technology officer for DXC Technology’s Healthcare Delivery group, where he leads the development and delivery of new solutions for clients in healthcare and government. He directs technology research and development, technology transfer and change management, intellectual property creation, analytics, and exploitation of key technologies and best practices that drive ideas to reality.

“Much like beauty, innovation is in the eye of the beholder. There are those who see it, those who see it when shown, and those who don’t see it at all. When inventing for clients, shift your perspective from 'problem thinking' (seeking a predefined answer) to 'inventive thinking,' where the 'problem' is an obstacle. When you remove it, you unleash the possibilities."

Tom Hetterscheidt
Tom Hetterscheidt twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

Tom Hetterscheidt is the chief technologist for the banking and capital markets industry at DXC Technology. He has over 25 years of experience in technology consulting, software development and strategic planning for financial services. His responsibilities include working closely with client executive teams, and providing innovative insights and guidance to align customers’ technology roadmaps with their strategic business objectives. He co-authored the white paper “Master digital banking to succeed in financial services.”

“The pace of technical innovation today is unlike anything experienced in the past. With the advent of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, and the explosion of on-demand compute capacity brought by the cloud, we are only scratching the surface. Yet, these are only tools. True innovation comes from applying these technologies to transform our clients' business."

Shankar Kambhampaty
Shankar Kambhampaty twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Architect

Shankar Kambhampaty is DXC Technology's director and chief technology officer for a global financial services client. His 28-year career has spanned architecture, design, development and management for a number of software projects executed globally. His expertise includes enterprise architecture, microservices, artificial intelligence and blockchain. See Shankar’s blog and his book on Service-Oriented Architecture & Microservices Architecture.

“‘Transform or perish’ — most clients are faced with this reality. Digital transformation enables clients to automate ‘front to back’ using a range of new technologies. It has also reset the marketplace, giving all players an almost equal opportunity to innovate and gain a leadership position quickly using their insights into business problems and applying technologies creatively to solve them.”

Carl Kinson
Carl Kinson twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Architect

Carl Kinson is DXC Technology's chief architect and a technology thought leader. He has over 20 years of experience designing, building and managing complex solutions for clients, with a strong focus on embracing new digital technologies and skills to develop businesses and individuals. Carl’s approach is pragmatic and client-oriented, based on years of experience helping clients respond quickly to rapid changing needs through digital, business-led IT solutions. He was a key contributor to the white paper “Accelerate your transformation to a digital business.”

“Being ‘distinguished' is part of a journey devoted to learning, developing and practicing skills in the pursuit of enabling clients, colleagues and peers to benefit from this acquired knowledge. The journey does not stop at becoming ‘distinguished.' In fact, it’s just the start of a much bigger responsibility to continue developing yourself and, more importantly, others.”

Stuart MacKay
Stuart MacKay twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Technologist

As the chief technologist for DXC Technology’s Canadian Public Sector, Stuart MacKay has been delivering transformation services to the Canadian government for over three decades. His solutions have resulted in saving the Canadian government hundreds of millions of dollars annually and have driven significant improvements in government services for Canadians. He is defining the digital transformation strategy for the backbone of Canada’s financial social programs that are delivered to all Canadians.

“The digital transformations that I have led in the past have touched on the lives of those closest to me — my father, my son and my daughter-in-law, all Canadian veterans."

Jim Naumovksi
Jim Naumovski twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Architect

Jim Naumovski is a director of solutions in Australia and New Zealand, where he frequently pushes the boundaries of conventional architectural and solutioning philosophies. Jim works on digital strategies, products, offerings and organizational development. His vast experience in many industries and technology areas, business transformation and architectural disciplines has allowed him to adapt easily to the changing landscape and hence help DXC become a leader in the digital world.

“Major technology shifts used to occur every couple of decades and then every few years. Now they occur every few months. This consumer-driven pace is forcing the wholesale transformation of businesses and industries. Being involved in this global digital movement to work with clients in adopting the latest innovations to transform their core business is an opportunity of a lifetime. Thrive on change!”

Bill Ohnemus
Bill Ohnemus twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

Bill Ohnemus works in DXC Technology’s insurance industry practice in the Americas, bringing over 30 years of broad and deep experience developing and implementing solutions in that industry. As a solution architect, he is often sought to coordinate and manage the technology direction for DXC’s insurance industry solutions, with the most recent emphasis on REST APIs and the supporting frameworks.

“We’ve dreamt for years of being able to truly engage with technology intuitively and even personally. Today we see technology finally catching up with our dreams and that means transforming how we humans interact with our nonhuman, technology-based counterparts every day, even for mundane things like insurance. It’s not just a computer anymore — it’s (almost) a person. Be prepared!"

Dragan Rakovich
Dragan Rakovich twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Technologist

Dragan Rakovich is chief technology officer of Analytics at DXC Technology. He is responsible for leading DXC’s analytics technology and innovation strategy to help clients execute on their digital transformation objectives through advanced analytics solutions and services. Dragan brings strategic advice and thought leadership to clients for actionable analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, analytics platforms and business intelligence. He is co-author of the white paper “Embed advanced analytics into every aspect of your digital business.”

“Organizations with a higher Analytics IQ use data and analytics as competitive assets, and as drivers of digital transformation and enablers of change. These organizations are the disruptors, not the disrupted, in the digital revolution."

Ed Reynolds
Ed Reynolds twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

Ed Reynolds is the global strategy lead for DXC Security Advisory Services for cloud security and for data protection and privacy. Previously he drove security innovation for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Helion portfolio and OpenStack cloud technology, and also led HPE’s development of information-centric security and critical infrastructure protection.

“In general, I’m not satisfied with current solutions and the status quo — there is always a better way, a simpler way, a more effective way. I strive to see things in new ways to develop simple, yet powerful and extensible, solutions. Always assess value from the client’s perspective; complexity only obscures the understanding of value."

Glen Robinson
Glen Robinson twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

Working for DXC Technology’s Leading Edge Forum, Glen Robinson helps technology leaders develop a Matrix mindset, and the ability to understand the impact of technology for both opportunity and threat. He was a key contributor to the DXC Digital Directions paper series. Read more about Glen.

“The ability to harness the power of the latest technologies allows previously unknown entities to compete with the world’s largest and most established oganisations and products. It’s all still to play for."

Faisal Siddiqi
Faisal Siddiqi twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

Faisal Siddiqi is a technology enthusiast and practitioner with expertise in blockchain technologies, visual and conversational user experience (UX), API design and open source technologies. As innovation chief technologist for DXC Technology's insurance practice and DXC’s Technology Office, Faisal helps identify key emerging technologies and apply them in DXC’s products and solutions, and in open communities and industry standards bodies. Faisal leads open source, blockchain and design thinking communities in DXC and focuses on research and use of emerging technologies in real products.

“Not long ago, we trained people to use technology. Today, digital transformation allows the tech to seamlessly recede into the background, bringing the focus of business processes back to people; now technology adapts to users."

David Stevens
David Stevens twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Architect

David Stevens is the global technology transformation lead for DXC Technology. Working with clients, partners and internal teams, David designs and develops both business outcome-focused solutions and DXC delivery methods. His recent work has transformed how DXC approaches and applies knowledge to eliminate organizational boundaries and accelerate delivery; through Digital Explorer, DXC tracks, understands and delivers new business solutions to meet the demands of the digital age.

“Show me the prototype or code, not a presentation.”

Jack Story
Jack Story twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Technologist

Jack Story is DXC Technology's chief technologist for Public Sector in Australia and New Zealand, with over 28 years of experience in the outsourcing and service provider industry. Throughout his career, Jack has guided customers in building innovative solutions focused on business value creation. He provides thought leadership on the appropriate application of technologies balanced with technology innovation advancement and is the author of the white paper "The digital government evolution down under.”

“Be impatient! Allow contentment only in the moment, not in the journey!"

John Tsucalas
John Tsucalas twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

John Tsucalas is DXC Technology's account chief technologist at American Airlines and also leads a number of key airline industry projects. For nearly a decade John has been an industry thought leader in cloud and service-based architectures. He pioneered and evolved the use of service-oriented architecture and cloud-based approaches in the airline industry. His work became the foundation for much of DXC’s transportation and hospitality digital transformation.

“Part of what defines us as humans is our ability to make and use tools to improve the quality of life by multiplying what a person can produce each day. With the dramatic increase in digital transformation, my mission is to apply automation, robotics and machine learning to allow people and clients to gain a most precious thing: time to think, plan, create and play."

Sankar Rao Vema
Sankar Rao Vema twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

Sankar Rao Vema is a technology enthusiast, futurist, researcher and author who is an expert in artificial intelligence (AI) and other disruptive technologies. Sankar has a deep understanding of computer algorithms, data science and architecture, and can program in 21 different languages. At DXC Technology he leverages his breadth and depth of technology skills in advanced technology development, mapping disruptive technologies to advanced AI concepts. See Sankar’s blog.

“AI is going to redefine the reality of the enterprise landscape. That landscape is dominated by smart apps that go beyond pattern analysis and natural responses to understanding our needs and preferences and working on them before we even realize the need."

Marc Wilkinson
Marc Wilkinson twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

Marc Wilkinson is the chief technology officer for DXC Technology's Workplace and Mobility global offering. Passionate about applying technology to improve the way we work, he is constantly looking for value that can be created by doing things differently. Marc tracks technology signals and trends so that DXC can intercept an opportunity to enhance user experience, improve operational efficiency or create new value, capabilities or differentiation. He is co-author of the white paper “Redefine your digital workplace as an innovation center.”

“Although Apple challenged the world to THINK DIFFERENT, it is much more important to DO DIFFERENT."

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