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      As the travel and transportation industry undergoes a digital disruption, DXC Technology offers customized solutions for modernizing aging infrastructure and helping IT adapt to industry consolidation and commoditization, as well as the always-on consumer.

      Our approach helps clients in the airline sector deliver solutions for reservations, flight operations, irregular operations and loyalty programs. We optimize the supply chain for freight and logistics providers and deliver industry solutions for rail passenger, cargo and infrastructure operators.

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      DXC: Transforming Travel & Transportation
      Overview of DXC Travel & Transportation

      New systems that harness artificial intelligence and video analytics, IoT sensors and high-speed wireless networking are bringing the futuristic fan experience to life.

      Discover how data-driven maintenance, repair and overhaul accelerate business transformation

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    • Services & Solutions

      Travel and transportation businesses are looking for ways to grow revenue streams, differentiate their services and increase capacity while providing a seamless customer experience. At the same time, they struggle to optimize the cost of operations while grappling with aging technology platforms that contribute to system outages, passenger delays and general inconveniences.

      For freight and logistics companies, end-to-end visibility into the supply chain is essential. And for public transport companies, an increasing demand for seamless, flexible passenger travel is driving integration and the adoption of shared systems.

      DXC Technology delivers innovative business and technology solutions that enable digital transformation. With our integration-focused solutions, organizations can achieve enhanced efficiency, new services, additional revenue sources and improved traveler experiences.

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      DXC Travel & Transportation Corporate Profile
      DXC Travel & Transportation Company Profile Video

      As industry trends change and fresh thinking disrupts the status quo, airlines need solutions that boost efficiency while improving the passenger experience.

      Freight and logistics providers can optimize the supply chain for increased efficiency and profitability.

      Rail can transform into an agile, efficient and responsive operation by using new and existing technologies to integrate real-time information and intelligently address operational, capacity and management issues.

      As consumer travel firms face pressures of cost, competition and highly demanding guests, they must modernize costly and obsolete legacy systems.

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