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  • Overview
    • Overview

      DXC Technology is a trusted partner for government in the UK & Ireland. Our full-service technology capabilities power transformed government services, ensuring that the UK government continues to be one of the world’s most digitally advanced.

      Citizen-Centric Government: What It Looks Like and How to Get There

      Changes in the Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Service suggest we’re on the cusp of the next generation of digital policy.

      Whether it's supporting troops, modernizing and protecting government infrastructure or delivering better services to citizens, we help public sector organizations fulfill their missions and make the most of their resources.

      Connect with our experts to see how we can help you transform your business with next-gen technology and business solutions.

  • Solutions and Services
    • Solutions and Services

      DXC Technology delivers solutions that underpin the delivery of mission-critical public services, such as defence and intelligence, pension payments, healthcare, justice and civil government.

      We are redefining the way public services are delivered and giving citizens a trusted, secure and empowering way to engage with those services, ultimately driving increased value to the public purse.

      We make it easy to engage with public services

      From battlespace to office place, our solutions help the armed forces be more effective and efficient

      New models of care need new models of IT

      We take an integrated approach to a safer, smarter future.