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  • DXC Lorenzo
    • Better, Safer Care

      DXC LorenzoTM is a next generation patient-centred Electronic Patient Record (EPR) solution which transforms the delivery of healthcare by providing an integrated and interoperable real-time patient record. Lorenzo supports clinicians, managers and other healthcare staff in making informed decisions along the healthcare journey, and in different care settings and health communities.

      Every patient needs high-quality healthcare, and healthcare organisations need Lorenzo:

        - Improve information means better clinical decisions
        - Share information between care professionals enhances the quality of care
        - Streamline care pathways across the care organization and beyond with standard information

        Lorenzo is different:

          - A fully integrated EPR
          - Interoperable
          - No down time for routine upgrades
          - Delivered as a service, with “24/7/365” availability
          - Clinically reviewed and safety assessed

          Transforming for better, safer care
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      Lorenzo is a next generation patient-centred Electronic Patient Record (EPR) solution that transforms the delivery of healthcare.

      Lorenzo enhances care and patient safety by providing support across the care pathway using a single, always-available patient record.

      Lorenzo is a proven, reliable and affordable solution that can help provide better, safer care, and a more efficient and flexible working environment.

      Lorenzo improves the patient’s experience by providing an efficient and safe path through the healthcare journey.

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