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      DXC Technology's Application and Content Globalization (ACG) group provides language translation and rich media services for organizations that need to communicate worldwide. From content creation (for example, technical writing) to language translation and rich media creation, we help you communicate internationally. With over 25 years of content creation experience, we can translate your message into more than 120 languages and transform your ideas into rich media experiences.

      DXC Applications and Content Globalization Language & Rich Media Services

      We are your reliable partner for international communication.

      Our rich media team helps you communicate with your audience using engaging media such as interactive graphics and video.

      ACG has technical writers to put your ideas on paper with polish and professionalism. We support technical writing for product documentation, instructional design, how-to styled articles and content management systems (CMSs).

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      Question I have a project and need your help immediately. How do I begin the process of working with ACG?

      Contact ACG via email at acg@dxc.com, or contact one of our regional managers via email or chat.

      Question What is the cost for language translation?
      Answer Language services are generally based on the number of words and the cost per word for each language. For example: A word document containing 400 words needs to be translated into three languages (400 words x cost/word = your cost for a single language). Each language has a unique cost per word, therefore your total cost will be the sum of the cost for all three languages. Once you provide ACG with your documents, we can analyze them for number of words and any desktop publishing (DTP) required.
      Question What is translation memory?

      The translation memory is where your language pairs are stored for reuse. Language pairs are segments that have validated matches (for example, English to German). As an ACG customer, you never have to pay for segments that have matches.

      Question Can ACG be included as part of a larger DXC customer solution?

      Yes, we sell into the account representing the customer, and will support the larger customer solution with content and pricing.

      Question Can ACG help with internal requirements such as translating a contract from Spanish to English?

      Yes, we have different levels of output depending on your requirement. If you need to get a basic understanding, we can "machine translate" your documents; or if you need the highest quality, ACG can use our human translators to prepare your document.

      For every project, we put together a customized team of creative specialists based on your unique requirements. This ensures you get the best solution at the lowest cost and in the shortest time frame possible.

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      Discover why those who win business for DXC have trusted us with their most critical projects. With our in-depth experience backing you every step of the way, you'll have what you need to cut through the clutter and position DXC as the most compelling choice.
      General Inquiries

      acg@dxc.com (24-hour coverage)

      Americas (includes North, Central and South America)

      Kris Burlington
      Americas ACG Manager

      APJ (includes all Asia-Pacific regions)

      Shan Shan Wang
      Asia ACG Manager

      EMEA (includes Greater Europe, Middle East & Africa)

      Alexandra Bohmerova
      Europe ACG Manager

      Worldwide (backup for regional managers)

      Joel Giovannini
      Director, ACG

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