• Overview
    • Electronic Claiming and Payments Overview

      HealthPoint is an application which allows your practice to process electronic private health fund claims through your EFTPOS terminal.
      Our solution simplifies the private health fund claim process for many modalities across large and small practices.

      HealthPoint provides private health fund claiming, Medicare Easyclaim and EFTPOS functionality in a single, easy to use terminal. Choose your banking partner and get your benefits now!

      Keep up to date with the latest News from HealthPoint.

      Since 1998, HealthPoint has been processing electronic health fund claims, An independent supplier of this service, we provide you and your practice the flexibility and functionality that you need.

      HealthPoint is an HealthCare solution brought to you by DXC.

  • Product Information
    • Electronic Claiming & Payments Products

      HealthPoint offers your practice a choice of banking partner for your all in one terminal that includes:
      • Private health fund claiming
      • Medicare Easyclaims
      • EFTPOS

      Learn more about HealthPoint, your choice of banking partners and details on the dial up or broadband connection.

      Quick and easy reconciliation to simplify the banking process and reduce the number of health fund statements you receive. Find out how it works.

      HealthPoint is easy to use, providing a great way for providers to be paid and for patients to access their rebate immediately. Contact us on 1300 301 692 to find out more.

  • Providers
  • Need Help?
    • HealthPoint Support

      HealthPoint provides you with easy access to Support:

      Email: HG-iResponse@dedalus.group or call us on 1300 301 692 NSW (AEST) time: 8am - 6pm Monday - Friday | 8am - 2pm Saturday

      Call the relevant Health Fund for specific enquiries relating to statements and private health fund claims.

      Find the item codes related to your service type.

      Easy access to Support information and contacts

      HealthPoint User Guides will assist you with terminal usage, reporting, reconciliation and answer your frequently asked questions.

      ANZ User Guide
      Suncorp User Guide

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