• Overview
  • Grow Digitally
    • Grow Digitally

      In today's quickly evolving marketplace, insurers need to create a personalised, omnichannel brand experience for their customers, with multiple high-touch interactions throughout the consumer life cycle.

      DXC provides the insurance industry with innovative and differentiated systems to sell and serve policyholders on any device, while supporting enriched interactions between insurers and their policyholders, brokers and agents, and all other customer-facing personnel including ecosystem partners.

      Cyber threats show no signs of abating. It is no longer a question of whether a business will confront a cyber incident but when.

      The traditional insurance company is set up to best serve a type of customer that, in the very near future, may no longer exist.

      Discover how you can develop a strategy around cyber insurance to capitalise on this new revenue stream by gaining a better understanding of the cyber risk landscape and finding a balance between providing cyber policies that address your client’s needs.

  • Transform IT
    • Transform IT

      DXC offers comprehensive modernization and application portfolio management services that help insurance companies digitally re-master their application portfolios to realize dramatic improvements in agility, operational performance and regulatory compliance.

      These services leverage the latest innovations in cloud, mobility, cybersecurity, social and analytics and offer true end-to-end capabilities — from defining the strategy to managing the solution using 'as a service' or traditional approaches – which will ultimately deliver better outcomes.

      The strain of new demands, faster business cycles and rapidly evolving next-generation technologies have begun to take a toll on the insurance industry’s traditional approach to IT infrastructure and application development.

      Zurich Insurance moved to the private cloud, lowered costs by 30%, cut provisioning time and accelerated development with DXC BizCloud HC and Agility Platform.

      Find out how DXC's technology and expertise can help solve problems throughout the insurance value chain.

  • Increase Efficiency
    & Speed to Market

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