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    • Healthcare Overview

      DXC Technology is the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, helping clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change. We have created a healthcare and life sciences technology powerhouse that can address the needs of clients across the healthcare continuum – payers, providers, government health, life sciences and medical distributors.

      Extensive local domain knowledge, best-in-class technology and world-wide experience. DXC Technology is powering the next-generation connected healthcare ecosystem, and is ready to help your organisation transform for the future.

      Healthcare and life sciences is experiencing rapid and sustained transformation as organisations look to maintain equilibrium between improving outcomes and managing costs. Learn how DXC is helping organisations achieve this

      A snapshot of our services and solutions

      DXC Technology publicly debuted on 4 April 2017 as the world's leading independent, end-to-end IT services company

      Meet the team that is guiding and executing our vision and strategy

  • Solutions
    • Healthcare Solutions

      Demands on clinicians and healthcare services are increasing. The need to access and share healthcare data is critical to improving care outcomes.

      DXC’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Group provides solutions to address these challenges and improve care coordination, safety and compliance and operational efficiency.

      DXC's Digital Health Platform is the basis for a connected ecosystem of health provision

      New models of care need a highly configurable, agile EMR. Use cloud-based flexibility and interoperability to drive hospital-wide efficiencies.

      Anytime, Anywhere access to patient information for higher quality and safer care

      Select from 22+ Health specific BI applications to fast track your analytics program.

  • Success Stories
    • Healthcare Success Stories

      Our dedicated teams of domain, technology and support specialists are focused on providing service excellence to our clients. 

      DXC developed and implemented solutions that provide doctors, nurses and pharmacists with anywhere, anytime access to information via mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones, as well as tablets or laptops mounted on wheeled workstations.

      Cabrini saw that clinicians were frustrated with having to access multiple hospital systems during the course of patient care and wanted to streamline access so that doctors could find everything they needed via a single, mobile interface.

      To accommodate ongoing growth, the Fred Hollows Foundation realised they needed a more flexible, responsive and affordable option to their existing on-premises IT. They found their solution in DXC BizCloud.

      DXC's MedChart led to fewer adverse drug events, improved efficiency and speedier patient discharges – convincing Calvary Health Care that eMM systems were no longer an option, but a clinical imperative.

  • Insights
    • Healthcare Insights

      Insights and industry trends from our ANZ Chief Technologist for Healthcare & Life Sciences

      Traditional healthcare models are unsustainable and provide poor experiences for both patients and clinicians. Healthcare needs to modernise and the only way to do this is with digital transformation.

      The pragmatic journey to digital transformation leverages existing investments, facilitates rapid adoption of new technologies, engages and activates patients, improves operational efficiency and enhances service delivery.

      The way forward for healthcare and life sciences organisations is digital transformation, which taps into advances in mobility, automation, intelligence and information sharing to improve outcomes and benefit the organisation and the customer.

      A connected and automated medicines supply chain for clinical decision support

      eMM systems have been shown to reduce the rate of potential adverse drug events by 71%, leading to estimated savings of A$63-66 per admission. Read about our integrated medicines supply chain for improved patient safety and efficiency.

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