Helping our customers

In a matter of days, efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) changed the workplace in ways no one could have imagined. We helped our customers adapt with services, devices and assistance to quickly support tens of thousands of newly remote workers. Their stories describe the monumental activities that kept them going.

De-risking critical services

To ensure critical payroll and salary processing will be undertaken if staff become sick or have to self-isolate, one of the largest infrastructure service providers in Australia and New Zealand approached DXC to establish a team to provide on-demand payroll services – allowing the customer to de-risk a critical aspect of their business, and enabling business continuity.
Infrastructure service provider across the telco, transport, mining and utilities markets

On-shore business continuity

With business processing capacity seriously impacted by lock-downs in other countries, an Australian financial services provider’s ability to support their mortgage processing operation by working remotely had become mission-critical. DXC assisted the customer by proactively expanding their critical network capacity and enabling an uplift in their virtual desktop infrastructure capacity, enabling the customer to rapidly enhance their remote access and work from home ability, ensuring maximised on-shore business continuity.
Australian financial services provider

Addressing frontline challenges

A major metropolitan hospital and healthcare provider in Australia recognised their frontline staff faced unique pressures addressing COVID-19 issues and identified a number of high-risk factors affecting their employees. DXC proposed the development of a 6-week program for staff to address their specific issues. The sessions, facilitated by a DXC occupational psychologist, have been well received and a number of direct benefits and cross-organisational learnings have been noted by the organisation.
Hospital and healthcare provider

Supplying equipment

Hearing that a large Australian insurance company desperately needed 100 laptops to enable its staff to work from home, DXC immediately contacted our suppliers, however by the time the insurer could raise a purchase order, in this very competitive environment, and despite being guaranteed the goods were on hold, the stock had gone. Not giving up, DXC managed to locate an alternative supplier and supporting courier services, and was able to get the order placed and delivered by 3.30pm the same day.
Large Australian insurance company

Critical for resident well-being

With travel restrictions now in place, an Australian mining company is looking to rapidly stand up additional staff accommodation equipped with reliable entertainment services, considered critical for the mental health and well-being of workers, particularly so with the additional stresses of self-isolation due to COVID19. Working with various suppliers, DXC is quickly provisioning new IPTV and internet systems in approximately 550 rooms across four mine site camps.
Large Australian mining company

Supporting government

In a critical-situation war room in Canberra, DXC is assisting an Australian federal government department to govern and drive tactical activities and strategic programs during the COVID-19 crisis. With the government expecting to process millions of citizen claims over the coming months, DXC’s Bionix methodology is being used to stabilise, scale and improve the performance of a number of mission-critical applications and digital services vital to support Australian citizens.
Australian federal government department

Working from home transition

When staff at this energy corporation were told to work from home, unprecedented demand to assist in operational readiness was placed on DXC teams, who experienced a 400% increase in foot traffic at the customer’s walk in support centre and a significant surge in remote support requests. By rebalancing our workforce from reactive deskside support through the walk in centre to the commissioning of a "virtual walk in centre", DXC exceeded the customers’ expectations and was able to transition employees to a work from home model with little technology impact and peace of mind of knowing that the DXC team are there to support them remotely.
Large energy corporation

Changed implementation approach

A leading Australian energy supplier had previously engaged DXC to replace their business-critical Oracle eBusiness Suite and Ellipse Employee Resource Planning system (ERP) with a new SAP ERP. Due to COVID-19, the customer was forced to make the decision to pause the program or change their whole implementation approach. Through strong partnership, effective communication and support for project members, over three business days, the 100+ member project team moved to a remote working construct and changed their implementation approach to successfully deliver the project.
Leading national energy supplier

24-hour computer delivery

With its emergency information call centre being unable to cope with demand, an Australian state government department turned to DXC to assist them to rapidly expand operations. DXC mobilised immediately and within 24 hours of receiving the request, four pallets of stock, 100 desktop computers and associated peripherals were delivered to the customer, and in a matter of days, imaged and deployed.
State government department

Executing automation enhancements

With a surge in customers seeking to make critical changes to their mortgages, and the loss of off-shore operations capacity, a large Australian bank was urgently searching for ways to optimise the management of its business operations workload. DXC identified several opportunities to assist the bank by enhancing its existing robotic process automation abilities and will be executing these enhancements as soon as possible.
Large Australian bank

Supporting payments for Australians in need

Government and regulators have requested the “big four” banks accelerate compensation payments to customers under the “fee for no service” remediation program to help during these challenging times. With the bank expecting to process in excess of 130,000 claims by 30 June, DXC was asked to help rapidly onboard 200+ contact centre staff including provisioning laptops. In addition, DXC was asked to make changes to the bank’s existing service assessment tool and support the application until the remediation program is complete – enabling the bank to make payments faster to Australians in need.
A big four Australian bank

Site refresh ensured

A sense of urgency to act quickly existed with our customer, a state government service agency. With a requirement to have technology equipment available for their planned 2020 site refreshes in their warehouse prior to the end of the financial year, the agency turned to DXC after being advised by a vendor at the start of March that there would be significant problems with deliveries due to COVID-19 delays. Leveraging our supply chain contacts, DXC was quickly able to pre-order the equipment to meet the needs of the customer.
State government service agency

Saving lives, not IT systems

DXC rapidly implemented proactive measures for a large Australian state-based emergency services provider, to ensure the mission critical data integration platform and frontline applications used by paramedics and hospital emergency departments remain highly available and operational 24x7 – allowing the organisation to focus on saving lives, not IT systems.
Emergency services provider

Maintaining business as usual

A large state government services provider urgently required 10,000 VPN licences – a significant increase on the 500 licences they already held – to enable their IT staff to work from home. DXC quickly obtained the necessary licences to enable the customer’s IT team to work remotely, ensuring their systems remained up and running to maintain business as usual.
State government services provider

Adapting delivery

DXC had been engaged to assess this customer’s current business continuity and disaster recovery plan, however as we were about to embark on the engagement, the customer’s workforce was forced to start working from home. In a matter of days, the evaluation turned to a live assessment and we had to adapt the delivery of a series of workshops from in-person to virtual. DXC quickly identified the appropriate collaboration tools, established new rules of engagement and educated the participants on how to work from a virtual environment, with a focus on the employee experience.
Subsidiary of an Australian federal government department

Rapid deployment supports business

Overwhelmed by the high volume of applications received for a $10k grant for eligible businesses affected by COVID-19, a state-based government organisation turned to DXC. A rapid scale-up of its existing processing system was needed. DXC took ownership and streamlined the procedure, transforming the manual application process which typically took 160 man-hours, to completion in just two hours. The department is now better equipped to support the state’s citizens and has earned praise from multiple small businesses who are struggling to stay afloat.
State government department

Supporting the community

In just two and a half weeks, DXC built, tested and delivered a stable, secure and robust job site for a Canberra-based government department that enables multiple government agencies to post available jobs and allows members of the community to apply for roles and/or subscribe to receive automated job alerts. With over 1,100 applications received on day one for the 150 jobs advertised, it has been stated that this high-profile solution, an initiative to support those in desperate need in the local community and those who have lost their job during the COVID-19 pandemic, may actually save lives.
Canberra-based government department

Solution delivered in record time

With a need for this state police force to assess the wellbeing of incoming detainees, and a huge backlog of detainees at any one time being presented at state police stations around the clock, there was an urgent need to incorporate new COVID-19 screening qualifiers into an online questionnaire recently developed and implemented for the customer by DXC. Working after hours and sacrificing holidays to deliver within a two week period, DXC’s development and testing teams have ensured police can now efficiently and effectively process detainees and access tens of thousands of electronic records from police locations across the state.
Australian state police force

Meeting demand

DXC assisted a large federal government organisation with two key challenges due to COVID-19: 1) the need to transition almost 20,000 employees to remote users; and 2) the need to meet the increased demand for services through the organisation’s website due to the Australian government’s stimulus package announcements. By quickly delivering a remote access solution, installing higher-capacity devices and increasing mainframe processing capacity, government staff can now work from home effectively and the Australian public can now successfully access the online services they require.
Large federal government organisation

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