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Experience is everything.

Customers expect great experiences. Interactions that are relevant, contextual, consistent and trustworthy.

Does your brand provide the kind of customer experiences that makes you easy to do business with? Or are they forgettable, or worse, memorable but for the wrong reasons?

When the cost of winning a new customer is exponentially higher than retaining an existing customer and your competitors are only one click away, you want to make sure you deliver an unforgettable experience.

End-to-end integration across your business is the key to making sure you give your customers what they demand.

Customers expect
great experiences

Percentage of consumers that cite bad experiences as a reason for ending a customer relationship. Source: thinkJar
Percentage of customers retained by companies with the strongest omnichannel engagement strategies versus the weakest. Source: Aberdeen Group
Percentage of customer churn due to poor service that is actually preventable. Source: thinkJar

Download ADMA's Guide to Personalising the Customer

Stay close to your customers and deliver consistently great experiences at every touchpoint. This report explores the strategy required to embrace opportunities and meet customer expectations in this evolving landscape.

Great CX drives customer retention

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    86% of consumers are willing to pay more for an upgraded experience**
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    Best-in-class customer experiences achieve 359% higher revenues YOY vs. peers*
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    Best-in-class customer experiences achieve 527% higher profit margins YOY vs. peers*
Source: *Aberdeen Group, CEM Executives Agenda 2016: Aligning the business around the customer. ** The Huffington Post, 50 Important Customer Experience Stats for Business Leaders

Create exceptional customer experiences


The best customer experiences are underpinned by real-time data, so integration of front-office to back-office is critical.

As a full-service SAP integrator, DXC Oxygen is uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive, end-to-end digital transformations.

The entire customer journey

See how our clients are transforming their customer experience with SAP Commerce Cloud, growing their online presence to better engage customers and improve employee satisfaction with a streamlined, integrated and personalised platform solution.

Hear how to evolve your customer engagement for business continuity and future growth

End to end execution


Get to market fast with Rapid Commerce

Capitalise on unprecedented market changes to accelerate your online business opportunity with a Rapid Commerce solution.

Go live in as little as eight weeks with a fully integrated SAP Commerce solution. Leveraging all the core capabilities required to achieve online market growth, our solution is based on the intelligent, scalable SAP Commerce Cloud platform, and comes with all the business tools needed to create an exceptional, personalised omnichannel customer experience.


Understand your customers

Understand how your customers are feeling and why. SAP Qualtrics is an Experience Management tool that offers organisations the insights they need to build better experiences, better understand their customers and adapt to their rapidly changing expectations. Listen, gain insights on what to do, evaluate the impact on the company, and most importantly, act to deliver unparalleled customer experiences.


Accelerate sales and improve service

A fully digital CRM enables a customer service application gives your organisation with new powers of automation, collaboration and analytical insight. SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud come with built-in, seamless mobility so you can provide omnichannel customer service, salesforce automation, mobile field service, digital and subscription based billing models and embedded machine learning and analytics across sales and service.


An effortless, proactive service experience

Connect your entire field service management value chain and resolve customer issues quickly with innovative, mobile technology that provides deep insights to customer needs. By leveraging SAP Field Service Management (FSM) you can empower your technicians to improve first-time fix rates, resolve issues faster, and increase customer satisfaction levels.

Why DXC Oxygen?

Your expert team of trusted advisors

By leveraging local and global strengths, industry and thought leadership, DXC aims to be your trusted advisor. Our award winning team will work with you to understand your unique needs, and to develop a customer experience roadmap that will help you transform the way you do business.


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