DXC Care Suite

Designed to meet the needs of health and social care organisations, DXC Care Suite enables real-time monitoring and surveillance to support decision making, enhance clinical quality and efficiency, and optimise care pathways, helping healthcare organisations improve patient outcomes. By integrating delivery networks, DXC Care Suite supports care across primary practices, acute palliative, specialty, community, home care, mental care and social services. Having access to a comprehensive patient record assists care wherever treatment occurs and ensures continuity of care for chronic conditions and at different stages of a patient’s life cycle.

Why choose DXC Care Suite and how does it work?

DXC Care Suite is an open platform based on international integration standards such as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

DXC Care Suite empowers individuals to take control of their healthcare by providing the information and services they need. The platform contains a broad palette of functionalities for all care settings. It leverages investments in healthcare IT and digitizes existing solutions for greater organisational agility and innovation.

DXC Care Suite core components:

  1. Digital core systems of record that provide process support and contribute to the patient record for acute care, community care, primary care, and care at home. These components address every clinical discipline, support departments and ancillary services.

  2. DXC Open Health Connect, a digital health platform that creates federated lifelong health records, embeds incumbent and third-party products, and delivers key functions, such as enterprise scheduling, pathway management, customer relationship management, clinical analytics and real-time surveillance, workflow, and combination of population health data with costs of clinical pathways

  3. Digital enablers that turn the capabilities of the customer landscape into applications that are fully tailored to the needs of the process and role, effectively complementing a best-of-breed strategy with a consistent and innovative user experience

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