Rebuilding and maintaining customer trust is imperative for financial institutions. Without trust, growth opportunities are limited and compounded by the highly competitive marketplace. How customers perceive banks is based on their experience and interaction with the systems and services provided by the bank. Systems and technology alone aren’t enough to restore trust – banks need to support, protect and nurture their workforce, and embrace strategies focused on improving the experience and value for customers as well as staff.

As a trusted and reliable technology partner, DXC takes a consultative approach to ensuring holistic and robust strategies are put in place that help banks rebuild trust between their customers and the public at large. This includes having technology in place that provides auditable and automated interactions, to reduce error, improve transparency and provide impartial arbitration. DXC helps the bank to build and sustain a culture of ‘compliance by design’ where trust and compliance are at the core of all operations and procedures.

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Digital Operating Model Assessment
Customer Interaction Focus

Customers' expectations are rapidly changing, and it is not just about efficient service. In today's world, positive customer interactions are more valuable than process efficiency. Discover how Australian banks can accelerate business performance and drive quantifiable value through a customer experience and interaction improvement program.

Virtual Design Thinking
Consulting Services

To respond to the changes in customer expectations and demand, DXC's consulting services provides end-to-end solutions to help financial organisations deliver effective business outcomes for a smoother customer journey.

Cloud Adjacent

With the rise of online engagement and increasing cyber-attacks, security of customer data is essential to sustain consumer trust. DXC has the experience, tools, knowledge and resources to secure your enterprise by identifying, mitigating and removing cyber risks, while optimising the security architecture to enable adaptable business operations.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Our Communications solutions help financial services stay connected with their customers during times of disruption with an agile and scalable platform using a secure and customer-centric approach. DXC is focused on providing organisations with tailored, simplified and consistent customer communications.

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On Premise Exadata
Cybersecurity solutions for insurers

Today’s agents and customers want instant access to their information and expect to complete transactions on the spot by connecting to an insurer’s back-end systems.

Exadata Cloud
DXC Bionix

With solutions powered by DXC Bionix, our approach to intelligent automation at scale, customers can maximise performance and value — to accelerate their digital transformations.

DXC Cloud

Rapidly modernise applications, migrate the right workloads, and securely manage your multi-cloud environment.

DXC Connect

As a trusted partner with world-class industry knowledge and transformative digital offerings, DXC delivers best practice and bespoke solutions to support your digital transformation.

How we are helping

How we are helping

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