Compliance and security are core in a world that’s increasingly globalised and subject to changing regulations which can have immediate, wide-ranging implications. Banks have a responsibility to provide secure, reliable and accessible services, to enhance customer experiences via channel digitalisation while meeting the rising demands of compliance regulations both locally and globally. With the first phase of open banking in Australia going live, customers now have greater control over their data and how it is used. Compliance to Open banking is forcing banks to become more innovative and improve services to their customers. DXC is working with organisations to embrace open banking and leverage the opportunities to deliver increasing value to businesses and consumers.

With greater reliance on digital channels, embedding security in every aspect of banking is paramount. DXC can support banks to ensure the best security solutions are in place to automate processes, detect vulnerabilities, minimise impacts and aggressively respond to and remediate threats.

Find out how DXC can support enterprise-wide change for your organisation to stay up with ever changing compliance and security demands

Digital Operating Model Assessment

The threat landscape is constantly changing, with increasingly sophisticated attacks targeted at employees and the banks IT estate. DXC's global security team have the experience, tools, knowledge and resources to secure your enterprise by identifying, mitigating and removing cyber risks, and executing security transformation projects mapped to an optimised architecture for business flexibility.

Virtual Design Thinking

Banks are focused on providing secure services to their customers. To help combat rising attacks, DXC can support banks with tools and solutions to address security across applications, including design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance stages. DXC Application Security Testing enables accelerated delivery of high-quality and secure business applications that lower the risk of a successful security breach.

Cloud Adjacent

Digital transformation means collaboration with external entities, customers, partners and devices over shared infrastructures to deliver engaging customer experiences. DXC's Digital Identity services secure employee and customer digital access while automating account provisioning and maintaining audit records for regulatory compliance.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

With increasing regulatory demands, banks need to move away from manual and resources heavy processes. Now is the time to rethink your organisational approach to compliance, to enable efficient, automated processes that meet local and global regulations. DXC helps banks design and implement an effective, integrated GRC framework and platform for specific risks or enterprise-wide capabilities.

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On Premise Exadata
Cybersecurity solutions for insurers

Today’s agents and customers want instant access to their information and expect to complete transactions on the spot by connecting to an insurer’s back-end systems.

Exadata Cloud
DXC Bionix

With solutions powered by DXC Bionix, our approach to intelligent automation at scale, customers can maximise performance and value — to accelerate their digital transformations.

DXC Cloud

Rapidly modernise applications, migrate the right workloads, and securely manage your multi-cloud environment.

DXC Connect

As a trusted partner with world-class industry knowledge and transformative digital offerings, DXC delivers best practice and bespoke solutions to support your digital transformation.

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How we are helping

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