In current times flexibility is key for organisations to be adaptable for fast change and continuous improvement whilst weighing up innovation and risk. Financial organisations are turning to cloud to enhance reliability, flexibility and scalability, to modernise their infrastructure and reduce costs. However, there is no one size fits all approach when embarking on an IT simplification and modernisation journey. DXC works with banks to define a customised blueprint to assess applications, solve challenges, reduce cost and increase productivity with cloud modern architecture. DXC provides a managed suite of agile services to guide banks on their cloud journey, including taking existing IT infrastructure, platform and software to an enhanced model. We focus on your unique cloud security challenges and are able to provide independent, vendor-neutral guidance and solutions. DXC partners with you to accelerate your move to hybrid cloud by using our world-class expertise and unique intellectual property to confidently guide you from strategy to implementation.

Learn how DXC is rapidly modernising applications, migrating the right workloads, and securely managing multi-cloud environments.

Digital Operating Model Assessment

Cloud-based infrastructure is needed to effectively compete and function in a digital, customer-relationship led world. DXC can rapidly modernise applications, migrate the right workloads and securely manage your multi-cloud environment.

Virtual Design Thinking
Constructing Cloud-Native Business Capabilities

As banks migrate to cloud, the flexibility and the options created by assembling the components give organisations new freedoms to create innovative products and services. Learn more on the industrialisation of public cloud across the technology maturity lifecycle, identify opportunities and take the practical next steps in delivering new business models and capabilities.

Cloud Adjacent

During times of disruption and uncertainty, it is critical for banks to look at the current state of their infrastructure and focus on having technology that will enable them to be as flexible and adaptable as possible. Discover how businesses are re-navigating their journey to solve problems, reduce cost and increase productivity in the short term.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

ACE is a self-service, cloud-based contact centre service from DXC Technology leveraging the power of Amazon Connect. Take our assessment to receive a customised report outlining opportunities to transform your organisation's customer and agent experience, while lowering costs.

How we are helping

How we are helping

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