Specialist providers of workers' compensation must rapidly deliver production-ready, compliant workers' comp administration.

The speed at which the workers' compensation industry is changing means providers are faced with a magnitude of new challenges including increasing complexity and cost of claims, regulatory and legislative change, privacy laws and a more informed and enagaged customer base. Whether you're a startup workers’ comp company or a leading carrier, DXC can help you lower costs and risks and transform your go-to-market strategy.

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Services and Solutions

Business Process Services (BPS) and Claims Management

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Industry Leading Applications

DXC's Services and Solutions

DXC Assure Digital Platform

The configurable DXC Assure Digital Platform addresses insurers’ needs for a persona-designed user experience (UX) across all channels.

DXC Assure Policy

Sell more policies and reduce service costs with a new, adaptable policy administration system built to support fully digital, insurance processing.

DXC Riskmaster

Providing a risk management information system (RMIS), DXC'solution offers scalable risk analysis and flexible reporting capabilities, allowing organisations to make more informed decisions in the future.

Cloud Adjacent
Health and wellbeing platform

DXC have partnered with Springday to provide a solution for employers to help their employees proactively manage their physical and mental well-being.

Business Process Services (BPS) and Claims Management

On Premise Exadata
Workers' Compensation as a Service

DXC's solution offering harnesses the power of cloud computing and more than 30 years of insurance processing expertise to deliver production-ready, compliant workers’ compensation administration.

Cloud Adjacent
Claims auditing services

With a well-connected infrastructure, DXC is able to service customers in real time with information requests and scripts customised to meet business needs.

Exadata Cloud
Cyber insurance services

DXC offers extensive experience designing, managing and securing the mission-critical data of the world’s leading insurers

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On Premise Exadata
Cybersecurity solutions for insurers

Today’s agents and customers want instant access to their information and expect to complete transactions on the spot by connecting to an insurer’s back-end systems.

Exadata Cloud
DXC Bionix

With solutions powered by DXC Bionix, our approach to intelligent automation at scale, customers can maximise performance and value — to accelerate their digital transformations.

DXC Cloud

Rapidly modernise applications, migrate the right workloads, and securely manage your multi-cloud environment.

DXC Connect

As a trusted partner with world-class industry knowledge and transformative digital offerings, DXC delivers best practice and bespoke solutions to support your digital transformation.

DXC's expertise across industry leading applications

Known for being the leading, SAP platinum partner, DXC has implemented proven solutions to complex problems, using consultants with broad business experience and deep SAP technical knowledge.

Regardless of which stage businesses are in the digital journey, DXC's Salesforce solutions can be rapidly designed, deployed and scaled to transform how companies interact and engage with their stakeholders.

An AWS Solution Provider, DXC provides digital services, industry-specific solutions, and expertise to help you get the most out of the cloud. AWS offers agility, scale, innovation, cost savings, and performance.

Providing dynamic technology leadership in delivering Oracle Cloud solutions, DXC designs and delivers innovative market-leading solutions that enable customers to transform their businesses and the broader market.

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