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At DXC's Digital Center in Mechelen, Belgium, your entire government ecosystem can come together to accelerate your digital transformation, supported by our industry experts and the newest technology solutions. The ultimate goal? To deliver better societal outcomes by creating better citizen experiences through efficiencies and insight.

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Society, Security and Technology

DXC Technology can help you identify threats, respond to attacks, protect data and privacy, and manage identities in the midst of large-scale digital change.

Intelligent Security Operations

Get tailored solutions to support security operations across the digital enterprise, while monitoring and responding to the evolving threat landscape.

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Predicting the future of AI

How does the DXC Digital Center work?

Digital transformation is a perpetual journey. At any stage on that journey, DXC adds value by offering many different engagement experiences, enabling you to explore every aspect of your digital transformation. Whether you're a government agency or a start-up business, with DXC you can address your challenges and bring great ideas to life.

your strategy
Define your strategy

your roadmap
Plan your roadmap

expert insight
Get expert insight

Build and play
on prototypes
Build and play on prototypes

your solutions
Define your solutions

Why DXC?


During the past 12 years, we’ve partnered with the Flemish government throughout their digital transformation journey.


We have 50+ years of applications development experience and manage more than one million applications globally.


We have local expertise on digital transformation based on a million workdays of knowledge.


More than 400 of our government experts support the Belgian government sector, with services ranging from network security and application development to strategic, multiyear programmes.


67% of the top 100 companies in the Fortune Global 500 generate real-time, actionable insights with our open source solutions.

Latest Outcomes

When our customers succeed, we succeed. Our proven transition and transformation methodology has already helped more than 1,000 government and commercial customers across the globe.

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Get the insights that Matter.

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Get the insights that Matter.

Keep up-to-date with technology and innovation, now and in the future.

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