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DXC Bionix

Intelligent automation creates opportunities in the era of digital disruption

Watch the video to learn about DXC Bionix and how DXC is industrializing delivery operations to accelerate clients' digital transformations.

How DXC Bionix works

DXC Bionix uses analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), lean processes and leading automation capabilities to produce greater insight, speed and efficiency.

Analytics and AI

Analytics and AI provide real-time insights into the business and operations, identify cost-reduction opportunities, and help deliver innovation. Bionix harnesses the power of data mining, deep learning and predictive intelligence.


Lean process methodology continually improves solution delivery, eliminates inefficiencies and waste, and optimizes both workflows and team performance. These, in turn, help improve service quality, consistency and outcomes.


Automation leverages technologies from DXC’s Partner Network, helping remove manual labor from common tasks, processes and workflows and improving response times, accuracy and standardization.

Impressive performance results


of incidents auto-resolved or auto-diagnosed without human intervention


reduction in testing costs


reduction in business process transaction time with assisted robotic process automation (RPA)

“A 70 percent reduction in back-end incidents through predictive analytics is, from my standpoint, amazing. This is backed up by a near 20 percent automation of the remaining workload. This feeds directly into your business case (which is important) and provides welcome stability to my business units. I dream of such predictive maintenance in my generation fleet!”

— Damian Bunyan, Chief Information Officer, Uniper