Digital Transformation Centers

Turning ideas into action


At a DXC Digital Transformation Center, your team will work with our experts and a rich ecosystem of partners to create and deliver real solutions.

An immersive digital transformation experience

Your engagement with a DXC Digital Transformation Center will help your team visualize how to innovate and accelerate your digital transformation journey. Our team of digital specialists will work with you to articulate the most significant challenges in your digital journey and then employ collaborative approaches to help you build all the essential components of your plan.

For many companies, this is the first step in the process of building a digital roadmap. For others, an engagement with a DXC Digital Transformation Center can resolve issues affecting a current digital program.

At the centers, we:

  • Cocreate with customers to solve their business problems.
  • Provide an immersive digital culture experience by having customers work with high performance, multidisciplined teams who collaborate with them on the “art of the possible.”
  • Apply DXC Bionix™, our approach to intelligent automation at scale, to maximize performance and accelerate digital transformation.
  • Leverage our independent partner network and global experience to bring forward innovative and evolving approaches.
  • Tap our relationships with leading universities to build skills in digital and emerging technologies.

Our digital transformation method

During your DXC Digital Transformation Center engagement, we work with you through four stages, taking an Agile approach marked by collaboration and continuous learning, experimenting and delivery. The four stages are:

Our digital transformation method

Design thinking and ideation – Identify key business problems and priorities through customer workshops using design thinking methods and ideation. Think differently about the business problems and how to achieve the greatest business value the fastest.

Prototype – Develop prototypes quickly, collaborating with the customer to create a minimum viable product (MVP). The MVP is about taking an incremental approach toward the outcome that drives the business value.

Develop – Implement and integrate the MVP into the customer environment using DevSecOps techniques.

Go live and scale – Scale to full production and rollout, with ongoing support and continuous integration and delivery.

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Get the insights that Matter.

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