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      DXC Technology helps organizations to digitally transform their business. We do this through cost-effective, low-risk projects delivered with a faster time to market, and by offering the highest levels of customer service and support.

      We specialize in new implementations and upgrades to cloud-based solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Infor M3.

      Rene Ebbesen, Director, Eclipse Northern Europe

      Rene Ebbesen, Director, Eclipse Northern Europe

      Technology and services transforming markets and companies

      The digital revolution is affecting communities, markets and companies. The challenges are immense – but the opportunities even more so. This is why having the right technological solution – combined with clear emphasis on creation of specific improvements to processes, services and end-customers’ buying experiences – is a crucial competitive advantage. IT and technology are no longer just tools. Today, they form the very foundation for corporate innovation and growth opportunities.

      At DXC Technology, we offer IT insight combined with in-depth industry knowledge of industry norms and underling market drivers. Our strength is global – but our strategy is always local.

      Standardization boosts production and sharpens competitive edge

      Unibake has streamlined its processes with a standard Microsoft Dynamics platform combined with an industry-specific solution from DXC Technology. The result has been a combination of both strategic benefits and efficiency improvements in daily business.

      Global partner on key platforms

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      Our industries, business platforms, solutions and services

      Technological solutions based on in-depth industry expertise

      Solutions and Services that streamline administration, processes and data sharing

      Overview and description of Business Platforms to support growth and innovation

      John Hummelgaard

      John T. Hummelgaard,
      General Manager and Sales Director,
      DXC Eclipse Denmark

      You are always welcome to contact us for a no-obligation discussion of your digital challenges and opportunities.


      Would you like to benefit from the advantages of innovative technology while also gaining an in-depth understanding of your company’s specific challenges and unique opportunities?

      DXC Technology has extensive experience in industry-specific business systems. We advise on ‒ and supply administrative and operational solutions for ‒ a number of key platforms.

      We specialize in providing tools, technology, services and people to optimize our customers’ administrative and operational processes. Select an industry and begin your journey toward digital transformation and business-innovation.

      John T. Hummelgaard, Sales Director, DXC Eclipse Denmark

      John T. Hummelgaard, Sales Director, DXC Eclipse Denmark


      There is major potential for increasing productivity in the construction industry. Having the right budget management tools can be crucial to success in today’s market.

      Financial Services

      Your success as a financial company is dependent on your ability to optimize your work processes as part of an ongoing digital transformation. We can help you succeed.

      Utilities & Energy

      Our industry-specific solutions for customer communication, administration, CRM, Business Intelligence and consulting services will prepare you to tackle the strategic challenges of the future.

      Meet expectations around flexibility, transparency and documentation, while meeting specific quality requirements and delivering faster and more cost-effectively than ever.

      Whether you are auditors, architects, engineers, an association or work as consultants, we can deliver time- and case-management tools to meet your precise needs.

      Endless opportunities and sales channels, tough competition and individual quality requirements mean more stringent demands on logistics, organization and business systems. Get help from our experts.

      Contact us and hear how our industry experience and expertise can help transform your company.


      No two business are alike. Industry needs, changing customer and partner expectations and your own level of IT competency will affect the mix of IT solutions and services that adds most value to your business.

      DXC Technology will work with you to understand your current needs and future goals and define an IT landscape that will take your business where it needs to go.

      DXC has years of experience in delivering IT solutions, services and consulting. We help our customers streamline their daily administrative and operational processes, interpret and share vital business insight, promote collaboration and develop long-term relationships with their customers.

      John T. Hummelgaard, Sales Director, DXC Eclipse Denmark

      John T. Hummelgaard, Sales Director, DXC Eclipse Denmark

      Business Intelligence

      Find patterns and valuable correlations in your data and enable effective planning, forecasting and decision making that is based on real data insight from your business.

      CEM, Collaboration & E-commerce

      Be more competitive by offering unique customer engagement and purchasing experiences, and by promoting structured knowledge-sharing and collaboration in your business.

      Consulting Services

      Work with experienced consulting professionals to map out your future IT strategy and architecture and evaluate the risks and rewards of moving to the cloud.

      Managed Services

      Free time and resources and keep systems running at full speed by outsourcing key application, infrastructure and support services across your entire IT landscape.


      Selecting the best IT platforms to meet your daily business needs is not rocket science, but it does involve evaluating many factors. From ease of implementation and rollout to how well the platform can support your current and future operations.

      DXC Technology builds industry-specific solutions based on modern, flexible business platforms, so you can be confident in an IT investment that will grow and flourish with your business.

      With a unique combination of business experience and IT skills, DXC’s industry and technology experts will work with your teams to assess potential business platforms and map capabilities and best practice processes to meet your specific requirements.

      John T. Hummelgaard, Sales Director, DXC Eclipse Denmark

      John T. Hummelgaard, Sales Director, DXC Eclipse Denmark

      Microsoft Dynamics 365

      Unify ERP, CRM and BI in a single cloud platform that is always available and always up to date, so you can free-up resources from operations and focus on creating business value.

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

      Replace siloed business systems with a single, comprehensive platform that offers full Microsoft Dynamics NAV capabilities in the cloud for small- and midsize-businesses.

      Microsoft Dynamics AX

      Get full value from your existing solution with enhanced capabilities and comprehensive service and support. Or plan your migration to the newest generation of Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

      Microsoft Dynamics NAV

      Implement in the cloud or on-premises and evolve to focus on your processes and business challenges. Or plan your migration to the newest generation of Microsoft Dynamics solutions.


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Get the insights that Matter.

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