Empower the customer experience. Humanize Digital


Digital Disrupts. Humans Decide.

Digital influences, augments and disrupts, but Humans experience, decide and buy.

An “Experience First” mindset for organizational systems is the first step to survive in this challenging time.

But more than that, organizations need to thrive and simplify.


Experience Uniqueness. Together. Now.

What is Humanize Digital?

A unique lens to retrospect and evolve into your next best version.
Individually and organizationally. Digitally and humanly.

It is systematically creating organizational resilience and wisdom and using this approach to Cultivate your Ability to create unique experiences for your customers.

Because experiences drive human decisions, our economy, and your company.


With real change. By Enabling Wisdom and Driving Resilience as Digitally and Humanly as possible.

DXC Technology enables organizations to leverage the SAP Customer Experience suite of solutions to quickly and cost effectively deliver innovative customer experiences.

We apply our unique Humanize Digital framework to:

  • Systematically identify differentiation opportunities
  • Digitally enable rapid innovation
  • Inspire employees to not just accept change, but want to initiate change/innovation

Using our pre-packaged solutions that have been developed and fine-tuned over many years of successful SAP implementations, we can help you implement unified customer engagement processes and data management.


Our DXC Intelligent Customer Experience team are Maestros of Innovation. They leverage our unique and powerful Humanize Digital approach, and ensure we have the most pioneering team in the market.

As one of SAP’s product development partners, we are considered the implementer of choice for the SAP Citizen Engagement Accelerator. We can offer insights to your future vision and work alongside you in developing a customer experience transformation roadmap.

Based on the experience and expertise of 15,000 SAP consultants, DXC takes a unique approach to SAP solutioning, focusing on helping organizations deliver an engaging omnichannel customer experience from the front office to the back office that benefits both your organization and your customers. DXC is a multi-award winning SAP Platinum Partner and Global Strategic Service Partner with a breadth of experience that enables us to quickly identify and focus on the highest priority initiatives for our clients.

But don’t just ask us, ask the many organizations with whom we have long standing partnerships with.

Deep focus on the SAP portfolio of Customer Experience products

Our experience extends across the full SAP C/4HANA suite including Commerce, Marketing, Sales, Service, and Customer Data. Our team has also built specialized industry accelerators.

Our services

To drive solution success, DXC combines SAP customer experience solutions with proven services and strategy experience. Our services close the loop to provide the 'Intelligent' in Intelligent customer experience, ensuring that your digital customer experience strategy is cost effective, cost efficient, and scalable.

Our proven ability to build, deliver and maintain

The DXC SAP Intelligent Customer Experience team of experts has a proven track record of enabling organizations to streamline end-to-end processes, improve customer service capabilities, obtain important business insights and enhance customer satisfaction.

DXC’s global SAP Practice employs a business driven mentality to deliver solutions across the entire SAP stack with a focus on accelerating our clients’ digital transformation journey with confidence and trust.

  • 25+ years of delivering innovative SAP solutions
  • 9,000+ SAP professionals worldwide
  • 500+ clients
  • 54+ countries
  • 100+ SAP C/4HANA engagements worldwide
  • SAP Global Platinum Partner
  • 200+ SAP C/4HANA consultants

Humanize Digital with SAP Intelligent Customer Experience

DXC Platform as a Service (PaaS) for SAP

Rapid Commerce

Transform your business with our rapid commerce offering

DXC Continuous Business Operations for SAP (CBO4SAP)

Public Sector

Empower Citizen Engagement by Humanizing Digital

DXC S/4HANA Intelligent Migration Factory

Delivering Success

Hear how Christchurch City Council improved citizen interactions

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