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      We help clients accelerate alignment through engagements that include facilitated and structured conversations, live visual illustrations, and co-creation of desired outcomes. The engagement helps to establish a shared understanding of the client's priorities, allowing for deepened relationships, discovery of increased business value, and strengthened partnerships.

      ENVISION Overview

      Seven reasons your transformation journey can benefit from an ENVISION Session.

      Read what other companies are already doing to innovate along their digital journey, and how you can too.

      How to be heard, visualize, and collaborate on a strategic blueprint for change.

  • Services & Solutions
    • Services & Solutions

      ENVISION utilizes design thinking principles to enable our client's collaboration, articulation, and achievement of their business outcomes. ENVISION engagements allow leadership teams to come together collaboratively in order to identify, agree on, and execute around their business strategies and outcomes.

      ENVISION Drawing

      Disruption is coming for you. Find out how ENVISION client strategy summits help teams co-design their desired future.

      You have a lot of choices when it comes to partners. Find out how to co-design the future of your relationship with DXC.

      You need a matrix of your needs mapped against all your capabilities. Read about how ENVISION multi-client collaboration engagements bring the ecosystem together for your benefit.

      You want to get out ahead of disruption before it gets you, but where do you start? Find out how ENVISION co-create sessions bring an industry-wide perspective on disruption and trends.

      Each of these four main areas of opportunity above enable transformational results in a unique setting where people not only work together in order to accelerate transformation and grow or protect their revenue, but also can build relationship capital and strengthen partnerships. These four areas are distinct by design, but share similarities as they all work to enable our client's most strategic business outcomes.
  • Insights
  • Success Stories
    • Success Stories

      ENVISION partners with DXC clients to drive digital transformation and thrive on change across all industries. Watch this video to see firsthand (the transcript) of an email from a DXC energy client on how ENVISION enabled them to develop their Digital 2025 vision across the business.
      Envision Success Story

      ENVISION has participated in engagements with the top financial services companies in the industry. Read some of their quotes here.

      The healthcare industry has been greatly affected by digital transformation. Hear from some of our clients about how ENVISION helps them on this journey.

      Digital innovation is shaking up consumer industries. Find out how ENVISION is helping consumer businesses through this transformation.

      Efficiency, optimization, speed and timing have always been crucial in the transportation industry, but today, in our increasingly digital environment, it's even more so. Find out how ENVISION is helping clients in this industry evolve.