Innovation at DXC

Innovation fosters breakthrough outcomes for your enterprise and customers. At DXC, innovation is about applying technology in new ways across the enterprise technology stack to solve business problems. We help you understand those problems and address them by creating prototypes that we can put into production and scale. Watch the video to learn how DXC helps companies go beyond running the business to changing the business. CTO Dan Hushon explains.

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Leading Edge Forum

Leading Edge Forum (LEF) helps customers challenge conventional assumptions with original, future-focused thinking. LEF’s program of progressive research and thought leadership, next-practice advisory interventions, and immersive events augments customers' capabilities for horizon-scanning and sense-making, and helps some of the world’s leading organizations accelerate the business outcomes of technology-enabled change. LEF is a business unit of DXC.

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DXC Labs

What emerging technologies should you be watching most closely? What business value could they offer? We debate questions like these every day at DXC Labs. To find answers, we research and build reference architectures and prototypes for practical business use cases. We work with alliance and frontier partners, and technologists across DXC, to ensure that our teams are fully equipped with the emerging technologies we need to lead customers to their own Eureka! moments. Explore our work.

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Meet Our Innovators

Our technologists achieve extraordinary results for customers and advance the state of the art for complex integration and next-generation technologies. Learn about them and about DXC's Technical Doctrine, our principles for best practices.

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Forward Thinking

Innovation for its own sake doesn’t accomplish much. But using it to advance your transformation strategy and create new value does. Explore these insights to learn how you can accelerate business transformation and deliver better data-driven outcomes.

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Innovation Events

Taking an outside-in approach to innovation, we invite you to attend our DXC TechTalks, webinars and DXC Invitational competitions for late stage start-ups and scale-ups.

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