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These are some of the brilliant minds in our community of experts. They represent our best and brightest from around the globe, our world class dedication to transforming the way your organization succeeds, our commitment to the forward point of view. They bring inspiration and validation to the business issues you face every day.

Joe Hill
Joe Hill LinkedIn

Dr. Joe Hill is chief technologist on the Analytics team and also an expert in service oriented architecture, business process automation and systematic innovation. A champion of the data-driven enterprise, he believes in the business benefit of data for every decision. Joe has a Ph.D. in Statistics and 30 years of experience solving real world problems for clients.

“Everyone has data and reporting. The trick – in order to extract the full value – is to separate signal from noise, detect anomalous observations, predict expected future outcomes, enable proactive interventions with well-defined consequences, learn from operating results to improve solutions, and embed analytic insights into all your business processes. Such operationalizing of advanced analytics is not only vital to effectively run modern enterprises – survival depends on it.”

John Diamant
John Diamant LinkedIn

John Diamant is an applications security senior technologist on the US Public Sector cybersecurity team. He founded a secure applications development program and co-invented the Comprehensive Applications Threat Analysis (CATA) methodology that proactively designs security into technology. John has briefed US Congressional House and Senate Committees’ senior staff on secure product development.

“While reports of high-profile cyber hacks seem to be a weekly occurrence, the IT industry as a whole remains relatively immature in applications security and software assurance. DXC has the earliest and most complete coverage across the lifecycle, which provides the means to dramatically close the safety and security gap. I’m excited to be at the intersection of a problem of great importance and leading solutions poised to make the world a safer place.”

Juan Juan
Juan Juan twitter LinkedIn

Dr. Juan Juan is the regional CTO for Southern Europe at DXC. A technologist with deep experience across industries, Juan is dedicated to helping clients use the most appropriate recent technology to improve their organizations’ information flow and decision-making.

“In a world with such an excess of information, my goal is to optimize technology to integrate information for our clients. Too many choices and scenarios make it confusing — like a jungle where the trees conceal the path. My job is to clarify the benefits of technology and clear the roadmap to a successful transformation to digital business.”

Martin Bartlett
Martin Bartlett twitter LinkedIn

Martin Bartlett is a principal in DXC’s insurance practice in Southern Europe, with 30 years of experience using everything from 360 Assembler to AWS node Lambdas to enhance customer value. He is currently focusing on cloud-based fintech integration patterns and opportunities to drive customer digital transformation.

“Cloud adoption, web-scale digital apps, as-a-service engagements, lean-agile competitors and an internet-of-everything present established businesses with nothing less than an extinction threat. Those that quickly evolve will thrive; those that cannot will perish. Rather a roach than a T-Rex be?”

Max Hemingway
Max Hemingway twitter LinkedIn

Max Hemingway is an enterprise architect currently working as chief architect on a major account. Based in the UK, he has led several multi-million dollar transitions and digital transformation projects for our clients and has specific expertise in IoT, cloud, and design and deployment of applications, systems and network architectures.

”Automation of tasks and how you work with data will be key. Natural language questioning of data will be enhanced using machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence. Also, systems will be joined together using self-learning APIs to bring the right data to form ‘digital twins.’ Businesses will use this to model, develop and test products, saving time and money.”

Pavel Hruby
Pavel Hruby twitter LinkedIn

Dr. Pavel Hruby is an application architect in DXC’s Global Business Services division in North and Central Europe, contributing to industry projects focused on innovative business software solutions. Pavel is a co-author of the book Model-Driven Design Using Business Patterns.

“I am enthusiastic about the beauty and elegance of architecture designed using the ‘generalize-solve-configure’ mantra — discover a pattern, implement a generalized solution and configure it to satisfy a requirement.”

Phil Mullis
Phil Mullis LinkedIn

Phil Mullis is chief technologist for the manufacturing, construction and services sector in the UK and Ireland. He's a sought after advisor to the regional technical and business communities, bringing technology insight to transformative solutions that drive the outcomes that matter to the enterprise.

“The opportunities to transform manufacturing by addressing true business problems and performance challenges through the application of digital technology are increasing at an ever faster pace. With greater maturity and technical enablement of smart factories and smart products, manufacturers are looking to increase value and quickly step into new spaces. We’re also starting to apply some of the same concepts in the construction industry. Disruption makes for an interesting time to do the work that we do.”

René Aerdts
René Aerdts LinkedIn

René Aerdts is the chief technologist for a global consumer goods corporation client, where he leads the technology strategy and provides the technical vision to advance the objectives of the business. Integral to that process, René drives innovation and inspires selective disruption to enable the client to thrive through accelerating change in the industry.

“In the past, IT was very predictable. In the current world, it's unbound. Instead of thousands of things and possibilities, we are now talking about millions and billions that need to be connected and analyzed in real time. It’s my job to guide our client to see the opportunities. To imagine the potential outcomes."

Rich Herald
Rich Herald twitter LinkedIn

Rich Herald is a go-to authority in performance engineering for high volume/highly available systems. Based in the United States, he has provided expertise and led the technical teams for many of DXC’s and customers’ mission-critical, high-volume systems.

“Scale, resiliency and performance are paramount to the success of today’s digital solutions. By applying our proven experience, techniques and partner tools to our customers’ solutions, we are able to sustain their ever-increasing business volumes and availability requirements. This enables them to thrive on change.”

Sankar Rao Vema
Sankar Rao Vema twitter LinkedIn

Sankar Rao Vema is a technology enthusiast and researcher in the fields of artificial intelligence and deep learning. Based in India, he is passionate about next-generation digital systems in mixed reality space integrated with IoT devices and drones. Sankar believes that smarter and intelligent systems will make our lives simpler.

“AI is going to redefine the reality of the enterprise landscape. That landscape is dominated by smart apps that go beyond pattern analysis and natural responses to understanding our needs and preferences and working on them before we even realize the need."