A Fellow is the highest technical recognition at DXC Technology. Those who earn this extraordinary recognition consistently lead, perform, learn, aspire and contribute at levels substantially greater than baselines across a broad set of disciplines.

Sukhi Gill
Sukhi Gill twitter LinkedIn

Sukhi Gill is DXC Technology’s vice president and chief technology officer for UK, Ireland, Israel, the Middle East and Africa, where he is responsible for overall technical direction, innovation and leading the senior customer-facing chief technologists. He is also responsible for directing the engagement of technologists with business leaders challenged with business transformation. Learn more about Sukhi in this Q&A with IDG Connect.

“Digital disruption is occurring in every industry fueled by mobile, cloud, real-time data and empowered consumers. These weapons of mass disruption are now readily available to many as enabling digital platforms to build and launch disruptive businesses that can reach millions of consumers. Technologists who can enable business value have never been in more demand. What a time to be a business technologist!”

Femi Ladega
Femi Ladega twitter LinkedIn

Femi Ladega is chief technology officer for DXC Technology’s Healthcare and Life Sciences industry practice. He drives the practice’s innovation strategy and growth for industry solutions, and is responsible for defining the practice’s long-term technology strategy and vision, as well as advocating for that vision with customers. Femi is co-author of the paper "Unlock healthcare data to deliver better patient care" and has worked on major healthcare and life sciences transformation engagements in Europe, the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

“Relevance is the currency of the digital age. In healthcare and life sciences, this means harnessing the power of contextual interactivity by providing the right information, at the right time, in the right place, through the right channel. My passion is helping our customers unlock their treasure chests of data and evolve into fully digital, scalable and adaptive 21st century organizations.”

Jerry Overton
Jerry Overton twitter LinkedIn

Jerry Overton is a data scientist in DXC Technology’s Analytics group. He is the global lead for DXC's Applied Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence. An author, inventor and instructor, Jerry blogs at Doing Data Science, where he shares his experiences leading artificial intelligence (AI) innovation. Jerry is vice chair of The Scott-Morgan Foundation, whose mission is to promote the ethical use of AI and robotics to enhance people’s lives and society. He was a key contributor to the DXC Digital Directions paper series.

“Make it a habit to gratify your genuine interests. Think of technology as this ever-expanding mass. Make your way out onto one of the edges and push.”

Chris Swan
Chris Swan twitter LinkedIn

Chris Swan is vice president and chief technology officer for Modern Apps and Cloud Native at DXC Technology, where he leads customer adoption of platforms, continuous delivery, and modern languages and frameworks. He was previously CTO for Global Delivery at DXC, where he led the shift towards design for operations. Before that Chris was CTO for Global Infrastructure Services and general manager for x86 and Distributed Compute at CSC. He has held CTO and director of R&D roles at Cohesive Networks, UBS, Capital SCF and Credit Suisse, where he worked on app servers, compute grids, security, mobile, cloud, networking and containers. See Chris’s blog, the paper he co-authored, "Design for operations to deliver on digital transformation," and his observations in InfoQ.

“Easily accessible machine learning tools are allowing developers to harness mathematics and algorithms developed for one domain in entirely different places, so we're breaking down the silos of human knowledge.”

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