The DXC Tech Honors community comprises our technologists who achieve extraordinary results for customers and advance the state of the art for complex integration and next-generation technologies. Those earning the distinction of Fellow or Distinguished consistently lead, perform, learn, aspire and contribute at extremely high levels.

Sukhi Gill
Sukhi Gill twitter LinkedIn

Sukhi Gill is DXC Technology’s vice president and chief technology officer for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where he is responsible for overall technical direction, innovation and leading the senior customer-facing chief technologists. He is also responsible for directing the engagement of technologists with business leaders challenged with business transformation. Learn more about Sukhi in this Q&A with IDG Connect.

“Digital disruption is occurring in every industry fueled by mobile, cloud, real-time data and empowered consumers. These weapons of mass disruption are now readily available to many as enabling digital platforms to build and launch disruptive businesses that can reach millions of consumers. Technologists who can enable business value have never been in more demand. What a time to be a business technologist!”

René Aerdts
René Aerdts twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

René Aerdts is DXC Technology's chief technologist for a global consumer goods corporation customer, where he leads the technology strategy and provides the technical vision to advance the objectives of the business. Integral to that process, René drives innovation and inspires selective disruption to enable the customer to thrive through accelerating change in the industry.

“In the past, IT was very predictable. In the current digital world, it's unbound. Instead of thousands of things and possibilities, we are now talking about millions and billions that need to be connected and analyzed in real time. It’s my job to guide our customer to see the opportunities — to leapfrog and imagine the potential outcomes."

Daniel Biondi
Daniel Biondi twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

As DXC Technology's chief technology officer for Australia and New Zealand, Daniel Biondi is responsible for helping our customers shape their IT strategy for business innovation and growth, and for delivering technology-enabled business solutions that reduce cost and complexity. Daniel has over 25 years of experience in leading and managing the application of advanced IT solutions for organizations in the financial services, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing and government sectors.

“Digital transformation is about changing business models and delivering products and services that adapt to the growing demands of consumers, addressing a market segment of one. We need to simplify our platforms and processes and make it easy for consumers to engage. Digital transformation is a platform for innovation, and this will be key to the success of every business going forward.”

Max Böhm
Max Böhm twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

Max Böhm is a technology enthusiast at DXC Technology with over 30 years of experience in software technologies and architecture. He advises customers on their digital journeys and has created innovative solutions, including real-time management views for global IT infrastructures and data correlation tools that simplify consumption-based billing. Max holds a doctorate in computer science, has taught computer science courses at universities, and has authored or co-authored over 20 research papers and four patents. Max has participated in key industry-research collaborations including projects at CERN.

“Software has become the key differentiator in today’s digital world. Algorithms that unveil value from data in new and innovative ways are more important than ever.”

Iain Caldwell
Iain Caldwell twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

Iain Caldwell is a Workplace product lead focused on analytics, event management, IT Service Management (ITSM) and automation at DXC Technology. He has had a wide and varied career that began in software development, shifted toward architecture and then focused on the development of the Platform DXC ServiceNow blueprint. Throughout his career his core skills have remained constant: curiosity, eagerness to learn, no fear of failure and never settling.

“The technologies and buzz phrases change, but the principles and commitment to hard work and learning never do.”

Jürgen Dettling
Jürgen Dettling twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Technologist

As a chief technologist for the automotive industry in North and Central Europe at DXC Technology, Jürgen Dettling helps customers and account teams address the challenges of CASE (i.e., Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric [vehicles]). He was instrumental in setting up the Automotive Center of Excellence, focusing DXC’s offerings on the industry’s specific needs. Prior to DXC, Jürgen held leadership positions in German, European and global functions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

“If you are in IT long enough, you know change is continuous, fast and part of the business. This is especially true in the automotive industry. Electrification, new mobility services, sustainability, autonomous driving and connected vehicle solutions require innovative ways to get things done. It is exciting to be an active part of this huge transition.”

Srijani Dey
Srijani Dey LinkedIn
Distinguished Technologist

Srijani Dey is DXC Technology's analytics chief architect. She leads business transformation initiatives, delivers strategic technology roadmaps and heads a Center of Excellence for analytics workload migration to accelerate customers’ modernization journeys. Srijani speaks at global conferences, including conferences on autonomous driving (simulation and functional testing) and service-based metadata for data quality control. She publishes blogs and white papers on analytics, including a popular "Defining a data strategy paper;" has a patent-pending solution on cloud workload governance, monitoring and self-healing; and won a DXC Award for Technical Excellence in 2018.

“In the past, business drove needs and IT delivered. Today, innovative technology solutions are driving growth and empowering businesses to think differently. The many technology options unleash various possibilities that were unimaginable before, so seize the opportunity at hand. This is the era every technologist wants to be in.”

Bob Eastham
Bob Eastham twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Architect

Bob Eastham is the chief architect for DXC's delivery platform, which provides intelligent operations at scale, optimizing managed service delivery and industry-offering integration. Bob has over 25 years of architecture experience across product development, offerings, customer engagement, account transformation and partner enablement. He won an Award for Technical Excellence in 2019 for Platform DXC.

“Being involved in the transformation of our internal delivery tools and processes, with exposure to the latest capabilities and an emphasis on continual learning, has been a valuable journey I look forward to sharing.”

John Ediger
John Ediger twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Technologist

As a DevOps Transformation principal, John Ediger works with customers and DXC Technology organizations to drive DevOps transformations from the executive level to teams. John has been a technical leader for over 25 years, holding a variety of R&D and IT director roles, including leading large development organizations and running enterprise architecture, data architecture, operational excellence, testing, high availability and other functions. A recognized thought leader and change driver, John applies his leadership skills, software engineering experience and technology passion to drive enterprise-wide improvements and continuous business transformations.

“DevOps’ secret sauce is embracing continuous improvement of culture, mindset and principles for ‘better value, sooner, safer, happier.’ Adopting a pervasive DevOps culture and discipline will earn DXC the reputation as the best partner for business results, and customers will trust us to help them transform. This is what I am most excited about helping make happen.”

Peter Hanzlik
Peter Hanzlik LinkedIn
Distinguished Technologist

Peter Hanzlik leads internet of things (IoT) and analytics in DXC Technology’s regional delivery center in Slovakia. He provides technical leadership to delivery teams and supports sales and business development teams. Peter designs and delivers innovative IoT proofs of concept, from sensor level through data processing to analytics, and mentors IoT and analytics teams. He contributes to DXC’s IoT strategy and activities in the IoT community.”

“Keep learning and trying new technologies, and be sure to share your knowledge. That way we can bring the best to our customers.”

Max Hemingway
Max Hemingway twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Technologist

Max Hemingway is chief technologist of the Digital Enablement Lab at DXC Technology. He works with customers to design and deliver enterprise-level solutions for better business outcomes. Max has extensive knowledge in the design and deployment of applications, systems and network architectures to support cloud and traditional business services. He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Chartered IT Professional (CITP) and TOGAF 9 Certified. Max is also a STEM Ambassador with Learn more at Max’s blog.

“One of the key tenets of digital is having the right mindset — how you apply yourself against the changing landscape of business and technology. Investing in yourself and learning new skills are essential for having the right mindset for the 21st century.”

Tom Hetterscheidt
Tom Hetterscheidt twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

Tom Hetterscheidt is the chief technologist for the banking and capital markets industry at DXC Technology. He has over 25 years of experience in technology consulting, software development and strategic planning for financial services. His responsibilities include working closely with customer executive teams, and providing innovative insights and guidance to align customers’ technology roadmaps with their strategic business objectives. He co-authored the white paper “Master digital banking to succeed in financial services.”

“The pace of technical innovation today is unlike anything experienced in the past. With the advent of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, and the explosion of on-demand compute capacity brought by the cloud, we are only scratching the surface. Yet, these are only tools. True innovation comes from applying these technologies to transform our customers' business."

Olivier Jacques
Olivier Jacques twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Technologist

A technology enthusiast and DevOps transformation principal at DXC Technology, Olivier Jacques specializes in DevOps, software engineering, inner source and open source practices. Olivier equips high-performance teams and organizations with the best engineering tools and DevOps transformation recipes. He created DXC’s DevOps dojos, events and practices that combine training with hands-on labs, gamification with badges, and guidance from DevOps coaches. Olivier is a frequent speaker at DevOps and software engineering conferences.

“Although in the physical world sharing means dividing, in the digital world sharing means multiplying. Mankind’s future is digital and its many abundances!"

Shankar Kambhampaty
Shankar Kambhampaty twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Architect

Shankar Kambhampaty is DXC Technology's director and chief technology officer for a global financial services customer. His 28-year career has spanned architecture, design, development and management for a number of software projects executed globally. His expertise includes enterprise architecture, microservices, artificial intelligence and blockchain. See Shankar’s blog and his book on Service-Oriented Architecture & Microservices Architecture.

“‘Transform or perish’ — most customers are faced with this reality. Digital transformation enables customers to automate ‘front to back’ using a range of new technologies. It has also reset the marketplace, giving all players an almost equal opportunity to innovate and gain a leadership position quickly using their insights into business problems and applying technologies creatively to solve them.”

Carl Kinson
Carl Kinson twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Architect

Carl Kinson is DXC Technology's chief architect and a technology thought leader. He has over 20 years of experience designing, building and managing complex solutions for customers, with a strong focus on embracing new digital technologies and skills to develop businesses and individuals. Carl’s approach is pragmatic and customer-oriented, based on years of experience helping customers respond quickly to rapid changing needs through digital, business-led IT solutions. He was a key contributor to the white paper “Accelerate your transformation to a digital business.”

“Being ‘distinguished' is part of a journey devoted to learning, developing and practicing skills in the pursuit of enabling customers, colleagues and peers to benefit from this acquired knowledge. The journey does not stop at becoming ‘distinguished.' In fact, it’s just the start of a much bigger responsibility to continue developing yourself and, more importantly, others.”

Jim Naumovksi
Jim Naumovski twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Architect

Jim Naumovski is a director of solutions in Australia and New Zealand, where he frequently pushes the boundaries of conventional architectural and solutioning philosophies. Jim works on digital strategies, products, offerings and organizational development. His vast experience in many industries and technology areas, business transformation and architectural disciplines has allowed him to adapt easily to the changing landscape and hence help DXC become a leader in the digital world.

“Major technology shifts used to occur every couple of decades and then every few years. Now they occur every few months. This consumer-driven pace is forcing the wholesale transformation of businesses and industries. Being involved in this global digital movement to work with customers in adopting the latest innovations to transform their core business is an opportunity of a lifetime. Thrive on change!”

Bill Ohnemus
Bill Ohnemus twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

Bill Ohnemus works in DXC Technology’s insurance industry practice in the Americas, bringing over 30 years of broad and deep experience developing and implementing solutions in that industry. As a solution architect, he is often sought to coordinate and manage the technology direction for DXC’s insurance industry solutions, with the most recent emphasis on REST APIs and the supporting frameworks.

“We’ve dreamt for years of being able to truly engage with technology intuitively and even personally. Today we see technology finally catching up with our dreams and that means transforming how we humans interact with our nonhuman, technology-based counterparts every day, even for mundane things like insurance. It’s not just a computer anymore — it’s (almost) a person. Be prepared!"

David Stevens
David Stevens twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Architect

David Stevens is the global technology transformation lead for DXC Technology. Working with customers, partners and internal teams, David designs and develops both business outcome-focused solutions and DXC delivery methods. His recent work has transformed how DXC approaches and applies knowledge to eliminate organizational boundaries and accelerate delivery; through Digital Explorer, DXC tracks, understands and delivers new business solutions to meet the demands of the digital age.

“Show me the prototype or code, not a presentation.”

Axel Szymanski
Axel Szymanski LinkedIn
Distinguished Technologist

Axel Szymanski is a chief technologist in DXC Technology’s North and Central Europe region. Axel drives digital transformation, skills development and strategic initiatives in numerous enterprises across a variety of industries. He has broad experience in IT transformation, digital innovation, organization design and change management and deep experience in manufacturing, retail and energy services. Axel is adept at assessing new trends and technologies and translating promising ones into business initiatives to enable digital growth.

“Always keep in mind two critical aspects of IT. First, your skills expire in less than 2 years; thus, you need to continuously maintain your value by acquiring new skills. Second, design thinking and ease of use are cornerstones of digitized business.”

John Tsucalas
John Tsucalas twitter LinkedIn
Distinguished Engineer

John Tsucalas is DXC Technology's account chief technologist at American Airlines and also leads a number of key airline industry projects. For nearly a decade John has been an industry thought leader in cloud and service-based architectures. He pioneered and evolved the use of service-oriented architecture and cloud-based approaches in the airline industry. His work became the foundation for much of DXC’s transportation and hospitality digital transformation.

“Part of what defines us as humans is our ability to make and use tools to improve the quality of life by multiplying what a person can produce each day. With the dramatic increase in digital transformation, my mission is to apply automation, robotics and machine learning to allow people and customers to gain a most precious thing: time to think, plan, create and play."

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