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    • Meet DXC Technology innovators

      Our technologists achieve extraordinary results for clients and advance the state of the art for complex integration and next-generation technologies.


      Meet these members of our technology community who are achieving extremely high levels of personal and community development and driving next-gen technology into their domains.

      DXC teams are delivering extraordinary results for clients and leading them on their digital transformation journeys. Read about these world-class solutions in analytics, cloud, automation and risk.

      Our open source program leverages the skills of the entire software community to bring innovation to our clients and help move the software ecosystem forward faster.

      Our DXC Digital Explorer app uses the Neo4j Graph Platform to enable clients to view digital transformation potential in their industry. It connects industry, business and tech trends to client’s strategic initiatives and relates these to DXC solutions.

      Join our live DXC TechTalks, hosted by DXC CTO Dan Hushon, or watch a replay. We talk all things tech, via video and online chat.

  • Leading Edge Forum
    • Leveraging industry trends and next practices

      Leading Edge Forum (LEF) is a global research and thought leadership program dedicated to helping clients reimagine their organizations and leadership for a tech-driven future.

      The post-cloud era has begun. Seeing Digital, by LEF’s David Moschella with a foreword by DXC Technology CEO Mike Lawrie, examines innovations transforming industries, organizations & careers in the 2020s, from machine intelligence to co-creation.

      The Matrix Mindset is a way of thinking that LEF believes everyone needs to understand, even at a basic level, to help them work effectively in modern, digitally enabled companies.

      The future is serverless; it will cause a rapid acceleration in the creation of new sources of value and a new set of practices around finance and development, along with exponential change.

      This recent LEF Study Tour was designed to provide a thought-provoking investigation of the concept of The Human as a Platform and how it applies to individuals and organizations.

  • DXC Labs
    • Exploring the future for your business today

      What emerging technology is inspiring you today?

      That is a question we work on every day at DXC Labs. We research and build reference architectures and prototypes for practical business use cases. We work with alliance and frontier partners, and technologists across DXC Technology, to ensure the company is fully equipped with the emerging digital technologies it needs to lead clients through accelerating change.

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      DXC Labs at work
      DXC Labs Explores Emerging Tech for Transformation

      If people can use digital wallets, why not machines? Expect a host of new business models as machine-to-machine payments take hold.

      Consumers expect a near-continuous experience across in-store, online and voice-based activities. Deployed strategically, technology can provide frictionless shopping — a seamless experience that applies data-driven insights to every interaction.

      The lab is an advanced environment for the incubation of ideas, learning and innovative technology solutions developed by data scientists and solution experts. An extension of DXC Labs, the lab is supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board.

      For the first time, a drone delivered the green flag to the starting line at a major sporting event, at Texas Motor Speedway. Whether running a race car team or managing a business, technology is a key driver of outstanding performance.

      Here's how DXC Labs is using blockchain technology for access restriction so that models can be 3D printed securely by external vendors.

      Go inside the lab.