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      DXC Technology enables insurers to build a digital future while simultaneously transforming their legacy businesses.

      By leveraging our unrivaled knowledge of legacy operations and technologies, we can help brokers, managing general agents and insurance companies grow digitally and transform their existing IT environment, all while improving efficiency and increasing speed to market.

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      DXC Insurance Overview
      DXC Insurance Industry Overview

      Move more quickly into new markets, extend services to agents and policyholders and control costs with DXC’s property and casualty solutions.

      Roll out products faster, ramp up service and streamline operations with DXC's solutions for life, annuities and pensions.

      Administer all products on a single platform and dramatically improve risk management and analysis with DXC’s reinsurance solutions.

      Does your organization have what it takes to succeed in the world of digital insurance?

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    • Transform IT

      DXC offers comprehensive modernization and application portfolio management services that help insurance companies digitally re-master their application portfolios to realize dramatic improvements in agility, operational performance and regulatory compliance.

      These services leverage the latest innovations in cloud, mobility, cybersecurity, social and analytics and offer true end-to-end capabilities — from defining the strategy to managing the solution using 'as a service' or traditi onal approaches – which will ultimately deliver better outcomes.

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      Redefining insurance in the digital age
      DXC Insurance_Redefining Insurance in the Digital Age

      The strain of new demands, faster business cycles and rapidly evolving next-generation technologies have begun to take a toll on the insurance industry’s traditional approach to IT infrastructure and application development.

      The implications of digital will extend into operational efficiencies, the customer experience, the changing risk landscape, and products. Digital transformation will be required.

      Find out how DXC's technology and expertise can help solve problems throughout the insurance value chain.

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