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There is a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence (AI), a lot of traction and sky-high expectations. AI’s capabilities have grown in leaps and bounds during the past few years, and interest follows. But when you look at large corporations, the ability to translate those capabilities and potential into sizeable, impactful business outcomes hasn’t happened yet. That’s why it’s still the biggest challenge for many of them.

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Find out how DXC Technology’s data-driven strategies and industrialized AI framework have helped companies like BMW and Scandinavian Airlines achieve greater business outcomes.

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Staying agile and innovating rapidly requires easy access to the latest technologies. Together with our Technology Partners we are able to provide the best solution to get impactful business outcome for our customers.


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Check out the insights that DXC’s partners Microsoft, AWS, Dell and HPE share on how companies can benefit from AI and Machine Learning .

Technology Parnters Question 1
How do you differentiate your capabilities around AI and Machine Learning?
Technology Parnters Question 2
How far are your customers on their AI/ML adoption journey?
Technology Parnters Question 3
What are the major challenges to industrialization and operationalization of AI and ML at scale?
Technology Parnters Question 4
Which industries are the early adopters of AI and Machine Learning?
Technology Parnters Question 5
Do you have any AI/ML use cases or successful client stories to inspire organizations?
ISG Provider Lens

ISG Provider Lens

DXC Technology achieves top marks at independent ISG Provider Lens Study 2019 in Germany. The customers benefit from DXC´s extensive experience and the industry know-how.

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Open B2B platforms: The next evolution of digitalization and how to prepare

All of us have been flooded over the last few years with a lot of news, information, opinions and marketing using, in one form or another, the term “digital”. So, it makes sense to stand still and reflect: What are the patterns we have been seeing, and what can we take away for our specific situation for the future?

Artificial Intelligence in the corporate world

In 2020, artificial intelligence will no longer be a vision of the future, but a tangible reality: language agents such as Siri, Cortana or Alexa are already pervading our everyday lives. AI systems have slipped into our everyday lives and they are here to stay.

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AI Whitepaper DACH

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