Knowledge 2019

DXC was proud to be a Diamond Sponsor at Knowledge 2019

May 05-09, 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada
Partner Event Overview

Knowledge 2019 is where extraordinary people come together to take work to the next level. Attendees came to "join the movement" and learned how companies like theirs are delivering modern digital workflows that unlock productivity and transform the employee and customer experience.

Attendees met with our experts at DXC booth 1000 to:

Learn about our winning combination of Transform, Run and Innovate solutions provided by our leading Global ServiceNow Practice as well as our offerings built on the NowPlatform®. These offers include our new DXC Security Platform, Support Services, SIAM, Hybrid IT, Managed Services for Azure, and our intelligent orchestration and automation platform for managed services delivery. The combination of these solutions can accelerate their transformation programs and further help to digitize workflows across the entire enterprise.

Additional Details

Event highlights

DXC won ServiceNow Global Industry Solutions Partner of the Year and Americas Industry Solutions Partner of the Year

Attendees joined us at the DXC Breakout Sessions

BRE1784: How Under Armour used automation to improve the teammate experience

With the lack of end user communication and post-implementation metrics gathering — and in addition to more than 2,000 changes in their production systems — Under Armour faced the challenge of identifying whether the changes being implemented were successful.

BRE1857: Digital Enterprise Service Management transformation at ENGIE

My Portal is a unified digital platform built on ServiceNow platform to industrialize Enterprise Shared Services at ENGIE (Enterprise Service Management). All employees benefit from a unique entry point to access Enterprise Services (IT, HR, Procurement, Facility) while enjoying personalized and multi-channel access. My Portal learns from end-user interactions to improve end-user experience aligning closely to their needs. My Portal represents more importantly a transformation lever in order to achieve transversal alignment through all Enterprise Functions while streamlining processes, technology, organization, analytics and disrupting end-user experience.

BRE1789: Smarter security: New DXC platform built on ServiceNow

DXC’s new Security Platform brings automation and digital delivery to cyber security operations to help security teams gain unprecedented visibility over their operations, while centralizing processes for managing incident response, threats and vulnerabilities.

TN1791: ServiceNow supercharged? Yes, with DXC Bionix!

Attendees learned how DXC partnered with ServiceNow, AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, VMWare and others to engineer, build and deliver “Services as a Platform,” enabling true business outcomes to help companies gain additional value from their existing IT portfolio and investments, and start the pivot to digital — all within one ecosystem, coexisting together in harmony — DXC Bionix, powered by ServiceNow!

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