Knowledge 2020 – The digital event experience

DXC was proud to be a Premier Sponsor of Knowledge 2020 – The digital event experience

May 05-June 30, 2020
Partner Event Overview

The Knowledge 2020 Digital Experience showcased all the ways you can unlock productivity through modern digital workflows, highlighted the latest customer and platform innovations, and inspired the ServiceNow community to continue to create great experiences for businesses.

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Additional Details

Access the DXC breakout sessions:

On-demand: Nestlé’s cookbook for deploying multiple ServiceNow applications, globally

Speaker: Gian Paolo Perrucci, Sr. Platform Group Manager, IT

Attendees learned how Nestlé has globally deployed ServiceNow ITSM, ITOM, ITBM and HRSM in 24 months to enable their IT transformation. In this session, the program team walked attendees through the journey, the challenges they faced and shared their “cookbook” for success. The team also discussed how they deployed ServiceNow applications using agile practices and created a lighthouse for future enhancements.

On-demand: Swiss Federal Railway reduces a mountain of data to a mole hill to speed data migration

Speaker: Carol Bigelow, Service Management Platform Lead

Swiss Federal Railway (SBB), the national railway company of Switzerland, has a history of dedication to reliability, safety and quality of service when it comes to running its rail network. For operations to run smoothly, it relies on massive amounts of data — from track signals and WiFi to train performance and traffic monitoring — some 40,000 data services in all. Recently, they faced an unenviable challenge of migrating that mountain of data to a new data framework. Attendees learned how, with the help of DXC Technology and ServiceNow’s configuration management database (CMDB), they were able to automate their network provisioning and migrate their data in short order, saving them literally millions of hours of associated labor time.

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