Knowledge 2021 digital experience

DXC is proud to be a Premier Sponsor of Knowledge 2021, the digital conference for technical experts, business leaders, and other professionals who want to take work to the next level

May 11-20, 2021
Partner Event Overview

Knowledge is a place where the ServiceNow community can come together and experience the power of the workflow. Join us and get connected to important content and each other, get inspired to drive digital transformation, and get educated on ServiceNow solutions and offerings.

The 2021 event will showcase all the ways our customers can unlock productivity through modern digital workflows, highlight the latest customer and platform innovations, and inspire the ServiceNow community to create great experiences for businesses.

Additional Details

Join us at the fireside chat with live Q&A and DXC customer sessions

Fireside chat with live Q&A: City of Milan improves delivery of medical supplies in crisis with DXC and ServiceNow

Session ID: SPN1731-K21


  • Stefano Marcon, Information Systems Manager Instructor of the Municipality of Milan
  • Manlio Gennaro Torchia, ADL Public Sector, DXC Technology
  • Filippo Giannelli, ServiceNow Country Manager for Italy

In this unique session, join Stefano Marcon, Manlio Gennaro Torchia and Filippo Giannelli as they recount how they partnered with the City’s Civil Protection Department to rapidly build a customized, automated distribution system for the delivery of essential medical supplies to healthcare professionals during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customer session: ENGIE accelerates business transformation powered by GBS organization

Session ID: SPN1732-K21


  • Thomas Muller, ServiceNow Center of Excellence Lead, ENGIE
  • Marc Dejean, ENGIE GBS Digital Transformation Lead, ENGIE
  • Nicolas Leszek, Managing Director ServiceNow Practice, DXC Technology

Join Thomas Muller, Marc Dejean and Nicolas Leszek as they share how they accelerated ENGIE’s Global Business Services (GBS) transformation program leveraging the Now Platform to deliver best-in-class employee experiences and automate end-to-end business processes across IT, HR, finance, procurement, real estate and logistics. ENGIE’s GBS transformation program has been successful in reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction and the quality of business support services delivered to more than 170,000 employees around the world.

Customer session: Nestlé’s 5 pillars for continuous ServiceNow transformation as a recipe for success

Session ID: SPN1734-K21


  • Gian Paolo Perrucci, Sr. Platform Group Manager, Nestle
  • Richard Stubbs, ServiceNow Practice Lead Offerings and Strategic Partners, DXC Technology

During Knowledge 2020, Nestle presented their cookbook for global deployment of multiple ServiceNow applications, including ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, and HR and vendor case management. But deployment was just the beginning of their digital transformation journey. Join Gian Paolo and Richard Stubbs as they discuss the foundational processes Nestle implemented to not only realize value from their ServiceNow solution, but to ensure continuous, enterprise-wide transformation on the Now Platform.

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