Accelerating autonomous drive technology development

October 05-09, 2020
Partner Event Overview

Robotic Drive is a game-changing accelerator of autonomous driving development that brings together end-to-end managed platform for massive data-driven development from DXC and unparalleled compute infrastructure for AI training and validation in datacenter and the cloud from NVIDIA.

Learn more about the exciting work we are doing together by watching replays of DXC’s recent sessions featured at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference:

On-demand: How to bridge data center and embedded domains in autonomous driving development, at acale


  • Christoph Hennig, Program Manager, DXC Technology
  • Karsten Hoffmeister, Chief Technologist AD, Luxoft
  • Alexey Rybakov, Senior Director, Autonomous Driving, Luxoft

One of the fundamental challenges in developing production grade autonomous driving functions is building an efficient end-to-end development workflow that is able to quickly extract value from millions of kilometers of AI/ML training data and produce safe and robust ECU code. We walked through typical bottlenecks in the AD/ADAS development process from an OEM and Tier 1 perspective, and gave an example of how it is possible to connect hundreds of petabytes of data, high performance compute clusters and massive simulation workloads on one end, with virtual and physical ECU targets on another end, in order to build a highly automated “Development Factory” for real-world automotive engineering teams.

On-demand: Deep learning & predictive analytics for platform sustainment panel


  • Greg Kacpryznski, Sr. Manager — Data Analytics Innovations, Lockheed Martin
  • Ret. Admiral John Ailes, Senior Advisor to the US Navy, US Navy (Ret.)
  • Dr. Abhinav Saxena, Senior Scientist in AI & Learning Systems, GE Research
  • Mark Roboff, General Manager, Digital Transformation, Aerospace and Defense, DXC Technology
  • Chris Milroy, Senior Data Scientist, NVIDIA

Attendees joined NVIDIA at this exclusive, online event to share lessons and best practices for applying AI to predictive maintenance and sustainment use cases for mission critical assets, systems and processes. Attendees learned from interactive discussion with practice owners and subject matter experts: How AI led industrial inspection, predictive maintenance, logistics, NLP and conversational AI technologies are transforming the sustainment landscape with an aim towards realization of holist digital twins — to realize the safer, reliable and efficient operations while meeting the desired sustainment cost reduction objectives.

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