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December 10, 2020
Partner Event Overview

Virtual event series sponsored by HPE and DXC.

DXC and HPE partner together to manage autonomous driving test data from around the globe. On a massive scale, at greater speed, we simplify analysis and reduce time and cost to develop fully autonomous vehicles. Learn more about the exciting work we're doing in these on-demand virtual sessions.

Additional Details

On-demand IDG Executive Virtual Roundtable Discussion: The future of autonomous mobility — predictions, obstacles and drivers

Innovations in the fields of automation, vehicle electrification and artificial intelligence form the foundation of autonomous driving. This will fundamentally change individual, public and commercial transport — with sustainable cultural, economic and technological effects.

What do these effects look like? Which are the obstacles on the way? What can transportation industry players do to influence global dynamics and be ready for new business models? What role does data play in this?

On-demand HPE and DXC Podcast: Trends in autonomous mobility

Experts from HPE (Robert Christiansen) and DXC (Matthias Bauhammer) discussed current and future trends in autonomous mobility, which included the four pillars of autonomous drive technology and examples of autonomous drive use cases.

On-demand webinar: The global data fabric for autonomous driving development

Speaker: Matthias Bauhammer, WW Lead Robotic Drive Offering, DXC Technology

Creating one of the world’s largest global data fabrics for autonomous vehicle development, DXC has leveraged HPE compute and HPE Data Fabric (MapR) over a four-year journey to become the world’s leading R&D platform used globally by multiple automotive OEMs. Soon to break the exabyte mark for one OEM, with continuous data creation, the platform demonstrates the capability and stability of deploying data fabrics at scale. Attendees joined members of DXC’s Robotic Drive team to hear what it takes to create and deploy a true industrial-scale environment.

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