Micro Focus Universe 2021

DXC was proud to be a Global Sponsor of Micro Focus Universe 2021

March 23-25, 2021
Partner Event Overview

Win in a Digital Economy

Attendees joined DXC Technology at Micro Focus Universe 2021, a premier virtual global customer and partner event. DXC was proud to be a Global Gold sponsor, focusing on Winning in a Digital Economy. Attendees registered for the regional agenda of their choice (EMEA, AMERICAS or APJ). Within the virtual event platform, attendees learned from DXC and Micro Focus experts, saw and experienced use cases, and heared best practices from customers and other Micro Focus partners around the world.

During the event, DXC featured topics around DevSecOps, testing and digital assurance, application security, and mainframe modernization and migration. Attendees heard one of our keynote presentations, set up 1:1 meetings with our experts or visited us at the DXC booth in the Virtual Exhibit Zone.

Additional Details

Our speakers and sessions

Keynote: DXC Technology – Running mission critical systems that keep the world moving

Speaker: Mark Hughes, SVP Offerings and Strategic Partners – Learn more about this speaker

Modernize and scale applications to unlock business value

Americas session ID: AMER_SPGL_401

Tuesday, March 23 at 12:15–12:45 CDT

Speaker: Robert Haas, Global DevOps Product Manager – Learn more about this speaker

How can you make application development simpler, easier and faster without sacrificing capability? Attendees joined Robert Haas as he discussed critical steps for the rapid development of applications, microservices/APIs and software engineering incorporating agile and DevOps principles. He also shared a proof of concept model DXC and Micro Focus take customers through to define their application development journey.

Delivering faster, better and more cost-effective solutions with end-to-end application testing

EMEA session ID: EMEA_SPGL_301

Tuesday, March 23 at 12:15-12:45 CET

Speaker: Srinath Komandur, DXC Testing and Digital Assurance Offering Manager – Learn more about this speaker

Effective and efficient application testing is a critical process for companies looking to release secure, quality applications quickly and cost effectively. This session discussed how testing processes have matured to meet the needs of digital businesses, exploring early testing approaches through to the improvements made with the latest methodologies and delivery models. We showed attendees how DXC Testing and Digital Assurance solutions will help them accelerate their testing journey and ensure their customers enjoy a great experience from the first time they use their applications.

Secure by design – Exploring the importance of complete application security

APJ session ID: APJ_SPGL_501

Wednesday, March 24 at 15:00–15:30 SGT

Speaker: Roger Smith, DXC Testing and Digital Assurance Offering Leader – Learn more about this speaker

Although application security testing is important, it is just one part of maintaining a robust application security practice. This session explored other important activities, such as security requirements gap analysis, that can and should be applied during early stages of the life cycle to reduce costs and ensure that regulatory compliance requirements are being met. Addressing application security proactively and early, as well as throughout the life cycle, helps to deliver applications that are “secure by design”.

Panel discussion – Get started on your digital transformation journey – COBOL and mainframe technology in action

Americas: Wednesday, March 24 at 1:45–2:45 CDT

EMEA: Wednesday, March 24 at 13:45–14:45 CET

APJ: Wednesday, March 24 at 14:00–15:00 SGT

DXC panel members:

This Micro Focus moderated panel discussion took a closer look at innovative COBOL and mainframe technology supporting a smarter digital transformation journey, taking a new approach to modernization across application, process and infrastructure domains. DXC panelists shared their expertise in areas of mainframe migration delivered through DXC solutions for the banking industry as well as DXC’s approach to deploying legacy applications on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service in a highly available, scaleable configuration.

About our speakers

Mark Hughes is DXC Technology’s senior vice president of Offerings and Strategic partners. He is responsible for the company’s technology strategy and driving innovation and growth in core offerings. Mr. Hughes is also responsible for relationships with DXC’s ecosystem partners, which include industry leaders in cloud, enterprise applications and software, networking and hardware. Previously, he led DXC’s security organization and offerings, including cyber defense, secured infrastructure, digital identity and data protection. Mr. Hughes joined DXC from BT, a world-leading global telecommunications provider, where he most recently served as chief executive of BT Security.

Robert Haas is the global product manager for DevOps at DXC Technology. He’s responsible for the business strategy, partner alignment and product development enabled by a multinational team. With more than 25 years in the IT industry, he has guided customer decisions and performance across different industries in product strategy and IT operations.

Srinath has been in the IT industry for over 28 years and in the area of testing for over 18 years. He has been with DXC Technology for last 14 years and primarily tasked to bring in innovation into testing. He primarily focuses on test automation and next-gen testing services. He works very closely with various partners to bring in best solutions to the customers.

Roger Smith is the offering leader for Testing and Digital Assurance at DXC Technology. He leads the strategy for a global applications testing and applications security business comprised of more than 10,000 professionals serving hundreds of customers around the world. He brings more than 25 years of experience delivering application development, testing and integration solutions for customers in the public sector, manufacturing, healthcare and other industries.

Arun Sharma is the CTO for the DXC Celeriti organization. He manages the technology portfolio of core banking, payments and lending application, which are used by top tier banks, cards and payment processors worldwide. 

Arun is actively focused on providing customers practical, risk managed core banking transformation capabilities. In his role, he works with the CIOs and CTOs of top banks and financial institutes to align their core transformation journey with DXC's product and offering roadmap.

Arun represents DXC in the BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network) organization and is an active participant in many of the BIAN’s initiatives such as Coreless Core, Certification and BIAN adoption.

Ankur leads the Mainframe Transformation Services within DXC Technology. He began his career 17 years ago working as a mainframe developer. He has been involved in major transformation initiatives moving mainframe workloads to distributed platforms for large insurance providers. Over the last few years, he has been actively involved in aligning transformation initiatives with DXC Assure to improve customer experiences by modernizing existing systems to run efficiently within cloud by collaborating with key partners like Micro Focus and AWS.

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