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Members of DXC Labs | Security represent a wide range of disciplines. We apply specialized expertise and perspectives to provide practical advice on digital change, security architectures, security operations, threats and cybercrime, IT and operational technologies, and risk management.

T.M. Ching
T.M. Ching LinkedIn
Security Chief Technology Officer

TM Ching is chiefly responsible for security thought leadership as well as research and development activities for DXC Security worldwide. He works closely with vendors and professional bodies to identify technological evolutions or disruptions in the horizon, and develops roadmaps for both customers and DXC Security to achieve service readiness to meet the threat landscape changes in the next 12 to 36 months.

Simon Arnell
Simon Arnell twitter LinkedIn

Simon Arnell, security chief technologist, UK and Ireland Simon Arnell is security chief technologist, Office of the CTO, at DXC Technology. He has a background in applied security research and development, and in running customer proofs of concept. Previously, Simon led the commercialization of the DXC DNS monitoring service and pioneered the use of software-defined networks for rapid incident response, as well as the application of stochastic process modeling and simulation for strategic security-policy decision support.

Rhodri Davies
Rhodri Davies LinkedIn
Cyber Defense

Dr. Rhodri Davies is security and service operations architect for DXC Technology. He works in the Managed Security Services section of DXC where he concentrates on the technologies required to secure DXC’s customers and the way those technologies are operated day-to-day in order to provide an effective service.

Michael Dutton
Michael Dutton LinkedIn
Managed Security Services Senior Security Architect

Mike Dutton, senior security architect for DXC Managed Security Services in Australia, has almost 10 years of experience at DXC and has been involved in almost all of DXC’s managed security services, with a focus on cloud security. He ensures that DXC chooses appropriate and effective security controls to support customers in achieving their digital transformation goals.

Junyuan Han
Junyuan Han LinkedIn
Digital Innovation Lab, Singapore Lead

Junyuan has been working in the information security domain for the past 8 years in a variety of areas including vulnerability and threat management, security assessment, cryptography and security governance. His current role includes looking out for the next big thing in the industry and creation of prototypes to solve customer’s security challenges.

Firas Jan
Firas Jan LinkedIn
Public Sector Managed Security Services Lead

Firas Jan focuses on digital security and the public sector in Australia. He has more than 22 years of extensive experience working in IT with government and various industries in information security, incident response, vulnerability and risk management.

Scott Keen
Scott Keen LinkedIn
AMS SRM Practice Lead and Global CDSA Offering Lead

Scott Keen is the Security Risk Management (SRM) practice lead, Security Advisory Service team for DXC Technology America’s and the Global Cyber Defence Situational Awareness (CDSA) offering lead. He is a highly experienced leader with over 28 years working in IT with governments and complex international environments to develop security strategies and transformation programs.

Yahya Kharraz
Yahya Kharraz LinkedIn
Information Security Architect

Yahya Kharraz is an Information Security Architect with a wide range of experience in security, from technical solutions to security governance and risks. He has solid experience in endpoint and infrastructure security and is passionate about the cloud, web application development, automation and coding. As part of his professional interest, he is constantly exploring and evaluating cutting-edge technologies.

Alex Kreychman
Alex Kreychman LinkedIn
Cyber Security Architect

Alex supports the global Aerospace and Technology account as the Cyber Security Engineer, and he also acts as the Architect in areas of Security Service Delivery, Cyber Incident Monitoring/Response, Network Edge/Endpoint Protection, and Encryption. Prior to joining DXC Technology, Alex has over 18 years of experience providing his technical and leadership expertise in protecting various businesses in many security domains such as Cyber Risk Management, Security Operations, Cyber Security Architecture, and Compliance.

Richard McEvoy
Richard McEvoy LinkedIn
Senior Risk Advisor

Richard McEvoy has been working in information security risk analysis and management for 25 years, primarily in government, but also covering other sectors such as energy and transport. As a practitioner, Richard is also an active researcher in security matters with over 18 peer-reviewed publications in the area covering anomaly detection, adversary capability modeling, human and organizational factors and risk analysis.

Christophe Menant
Christophe Menant LinkedIn
Global Strategy Lead for Cyber Defense and OT Security

Christophe Menant has 27 years of experience in IT and 22 years in security with an extensive focus on international and global environments. He has helped clients develop security strategies and transformation programs, manage major breaches and remediation programs, and develop reference security architectures and offerings. Prior to DXC, he worked for HPE Enterprise Services and previously for IBM as Executive Security Architect, leading in creation of standard architectures and methodologies for security and compliance solutions, and as Chief Security Architect for Cloud Security offerings.

Martin Reilly
Martin Reilly LinkedIn

Martin Reilly is global strategy lead for Identity and Access Management in the Security practice at DXC Technology. With more than 25 years of experience in supporting business and technology change, he has managed large enterprise implementations and solution development to make identity an enabler for customers’ digital transformations.

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts LinkedIn
Security Services Sales Enablement

Gary Robert’s 35-year career spans mega-deal solutioning and governance, product management, sales enablement and marketing. His passion for security started with mainframe computers and security consultancy. He collaboratively wrote and implemented the UK Government IT Security Standards with CSC. His skills have indirectly increased the success of small (FMC) to large (DWP) and multinational clients. His focus is client satisfaction, increased sales, speed to market and increased wallet share, while reducing runoff and lowering costs through a differentiated and pragmatic approach.

Adrian Slade
Adrian Slade LinkedIn
Digital ID Offering Manager

Adrian Slade has been designing, implementing and talking about Identity solutions for well over 20 years. Starting his career with a giant from the past, Novell, back in 1988. Developing solutions and controls based on the Novell eDirectory platform, then 5 years as the Director/Owner of a Consultant System Integrator before finally managing Identity services @ DXC. Adrian takes part in Kantara working group sessions whenever time permits and he is currently helping initiate an OASIS project to define a new authentication method.

Dirk Thys
Dirk Thys LinkedIn
Advisor Security Compliance

Dirk is currently a Security Compliance Advisor with DXC Technology. He is also the Lead Architect/Engineer responsible for hardening and security of Platform DXC worldwide. Dirk works closely with partners and vendors to achieve DXC business goals and clients requirements. He has held various IT operations, engineering, project and program lead roles, and managed platform security teams with responsibility delivering compliance management services for 600+ clients worldwide.

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