Responding to the ransomware threat

5 lessons we learned from our ransomware attack

Here’s an inside look at how to defend against the growing ransomware threat in this DXC sponsor content seen on Harvard Business Review’s website,

By Mark Hughes, Senior Vice President of Offerings and Strategic Partners, DXC Technology

The ransomware threat


increase in average ransom demand from 2019 to Q1 20201


growth in ransomware attacks from 2019 to Q2 20202


ransomware costs including business interruption in 20203

Tips for reducing risk

Improve security culture and awareness

Improve security culture and awareness

Employees must know how to identify phishing attempts and appropriately react. DXC evaluates employees’ ability to identify phishing emails and follows up with simulated training.

Improve the security operating model

Improve the security operating model

To minimize risk of costly damages, DXC visits your end-to-end incident response and remediation process and recommends measures for improving your cybersecurity maturity.

Improve visibility

Improve visibility

To quickly and accurately detect malicious activity, DXC uses telemetry that identifies gaps and strengthens visibility across the enterprise.

Assess your readiness

Assess your readiness

To prepare for an attack, DXC offers a variety of methods for improving your security posture, including simulation testing, lessons learned, table-top exercises, purple teaming and penetration testing.

Watch this DXC TechTalk to learn how enterprises can organize their security to not only fortify against, but be prepared for attacks.


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